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NSA Has Halted Mass Domestic Spying Program First Exposed by Snowden in 2013: GOP Aide


NSA Has Halted Mass Domestic Spying Program First Exposed by Snowden in 2013: GOP Aide

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has reportedly halted a widely criticized domestic mass surveillance program involving Americans' phone records first exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden.



Reportedly. Do you believe these guys?

Under the “5 eyes” treaty the Governments of member nations can freely spy on the Citizens of another member nation and subject them to total surveillance. The information is then shared between the various agencies in those Countries.

The NSA claiming they shut down the mass surveillance of US Citizens is akin to the CIA claiming they shut down Mockingbird.



Yay, can Snowden come home now?

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Do they really expect the american people to believe anything they say? They have lost our trust and confidence. I would trust a used car salesman more than Kevin McCarthy or anyone in the Trump regime.



Not if he values his life, his liberty or his property.



I must assume NSA has come up with something much more useful (as in more powerful and less detectable). Who throws a good tool away without a better one on hand?



Or the claim that nobody knows where the unaccounted for trillions of dollars disappear to. Bah.

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This article is titled and reads like clickbait.

CD didn’t buy into the fake reform of the USA Freedom Act of 2015, see:

Those warrants can drag in a HUGE number of Americans all at once based on keywords (not ties with known terrorists) and are rubber stamped by the secret FISA court…

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Yeah. Like I’ll believe that when I (don’t) see it.
I keep trying to keep up with the needed cynicism but no matter how cynical I get … you know the rest.
I’ll believe my lying eyes when my phone stops booting up all kinds of apps I don’t want no matter how many times I shut them down.
Besides, even if the NSA did shut it down they are probably getting it from elsewhere, like the companies on my phone. Giving permissions for access to this or that for an app is a joke. Once the program is established I assume any decent programmer can grab what they want from the environment anyway. (old programmer talking here)
“Permissions” are really just a way of fooling techno-rubes, you know, the ones who are very familiar with using the technology but don’t really know what is under the hood. That makes a lot of users. Most.

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Phew, i am glad this nightmare is over. Guess we can all go back to sleep now, right?



BTW I have this bridge…

whoa, why did my screen just wink at me?



The federal government has treated the American people with nothing but complete and total contempt since Sept. 11, 2001.

They turned eveyone of us into suspects at our airports, colleges, workplaces, and homes. They instructed us through their mass media goons, what to say, how to think, and lied repeatedly to Congress that no spying or bulk collection of our communications was taking place, whenever speculation arose.

Now, 18 years later they want us to believe that they have taken the high road and have turned off the machine? Please, find someone else to feed this bs too, my trust in the government ended long ago.

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I wonder what it was replaced with?

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“replaced a once-secret operation established under Section 215 of the Patriot Act, which Snowden, an ex-intelligence contractor, exposed in 2013.”

A gigantic step in the right direction would be to repeal the illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed Patriot Act and all of its vicious spawn.
The Patriot Act is the analogue of Hitler’s Enabling Acts, which removed the German People’s civil rights after the German 911, the Reichstag fire, set by the SS and blamed on a Dutch Carpenter who was supposed to be a Communist.
*The Patriot Act began the process of removing our Constitution and the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the Constitution). This was followed by the imposition of still more destructive Acts. Protests were ignored, or pretty much stamped out under the jack boots of law enforcement and the deliberate adoption by the Senate and House.
*There is a process for amending the Constitution, laid out in the document itself. There is no provision for amendment by legislative or executive fiat. That is unquestionably unconstitutional, but is the method used almost immediately after the “Supreme” Court appointed Bush as Fascist in Chief and he appointed his PNAC cabinet.
*This nation has been sliding down an increasingly steep slope ever since. With the current occupant, we are dangerously close to free-fall.



Now bring home Snowden.



HI justafool…maybe someone found out that the actual storage place for all that checking–BLUFFdale—maybe it really was all a bluff. : ) Or maybe----the spies found out that they too were gathered up---- and horrors, people might learn what they really do at work. Or maybe—it’s just another lie. : )

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Sure they did. Ha Ha.

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They turned the spying over to Google and Amazon, among other gigantic corporations.

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Jessica, Jessica, Jessica!

That program was one of many. Surely out of date by now. Do YOU believe all this the way you are writing it?