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NSA Phone Surveillance Illegal, Federal Court Rules


NSA Phone Surveillance Illegal, Federal Court Rules

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The NSA phone surveillance program revealed in 2013 by Edward Snowden is illegal, a federal appeals court has ruled. (Photo: AP)


Why does the cynic in me suspect that this ruling will be used to give the Patriot Act some steroids before passing?



That’s because you are a wise owl. As we all know, the law has little or no meaning when it comes to Empire. Whatever the security state wants, the security state will get.


Sure smells like it.

Of course even with an ‘enabling act’ of Congress to pump up the PATRIOT Act with steroids, such mass state surveillance is blatantly in contradiction to the 4th Amendment, “irreconcilable with the [amendment’s] plain text.”


as the constitution is “just a god dammed piece of paper” I suspect this decision will be totally disregarded and probably used as butt wipe


I suppose the NSA will declare the courts illegal as they interfere with the process of Total Information Awareness.

  • Congress will then make it so.
  • Sheesh!

As if this will stop them.


The fragmentation of humanity and the planet has been going on as long as there have been oligarchs, the existence of which is an ‘evolutionary’ failure as oligarchy is BASED in a monoculture of fragmented psyche. You can’t see it, except for its consequences - and the latter we more than familiar with.
We’re being situated in an evolutionary shift that has been building exponentially as the outcomes from the shredding extraction from life slaps us upside the head to drop the ‘r’ in ‘shredding’ and evolve it to ‘shedding’. The isolationist ‘ego’ has a salutary, illuminated side: the innate fulcrum and functional capacity to make connections.
More pressure, more conversations, more actions! This system has a nasty case of constipation and the cumulative toxins in need of neutralization. All over the world Constitutions, these works in progress, are experiencing the impacts of the same clincally insane self-referential gluttony of predatory capital.
Its going to be long fight, but it has to be an elegant and loving battle increasing inclusion every step of the way.


We need to make citizens’ arrests!

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Not so fast. Today another court ruled that the government doesn’t need warrants to get phone user’s records from the telecoms.

So if they don’t need warrants to get the same records, how does the ruling discussed in this article change anything?


This courts decision states that the data collection is illegal, regardless of whether or not the NSA (etc.) gets a warrant.


I saw that Loretta Lynch weighed in on this decision, saying that the NSA program was a valuable security tool of the US gov’t. Lynch’s job as AG is to uphold the Constitution, not determine what the tools are that make the US secure. That blanket data collection by the NSA makes us any more secure is a dubious claim anyway Still waiting for some clear cases that show the data collection led directly to a snuffed out attack…oh yeah, that information is classified!


Check out 14:1_cv_02222-RC in the DCC, Washington DC.


Phone Surveillance illegal, Patirot Act up for renewal, que the ISIS terrorists in the U.S. propaganda. Congress gets strong armed to make legal the illegal.
Interesting how ISIS comes to the aid of the NSA.


Despite the ruling, the judges said they would not end the collection of domestic phone records…

In other words it’s illegal, but you can still do it. Like rulings against Gitmo that were also ignored.


Another dumb manuver. Now that its illegal, they can simply denie doing it. This was played right into secret services hands. Everyone, I assume, understands that when gov’t has been getting its way and then made to stop, one must expect a respnse of a child. All their going to do is do even more spying. Its like Burns wanting to wallow in his own ‘crap-ulense’.


Forgot to add, this is only ONE program illegalized. Remember they keep secrets?. How narrow sited can my citizens be? After serving in our military, i must say my citizens are more dangerous around me with the level of ignorance and naivit than any 500-100lb bombs going off beside me.


And house them where? Look, stop right NOW, with this stupid conservative rhetoric. Its the Federal gov’ts jails, not yours. You gave up your rights as a soveriegn the moment your parents signed your birth cert. Dont act as if you are or can go arresting people ‘above’ you socially and especially financially. The only people that need arresting at this very moment are the sheeple for turning their backs on future generations.


Hopefully it may at least slow the knuckleheads down. Getting a little too 1984 around here…