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NSA Surrounded Merkel in 'Web of Surveillance': WikiLeaks


NSA Surrounded Merkel in 'Web of Surveillance': WikiLeaks

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

New documents published Wednesday by WikiLeaks show that the U.S. National Security Agency "explicitly targeted for long-term surveillance 125 phone numbers for top German officials and did so for political and economic reasons."


Merkel will make believe that she is outraged again and than she will just let it pass. If the government of Germany was representing the German people they would file extradition papers demanding that heads of the NSA during the periods of this illegal activity be sent to Germany to stand trial. Merkel will just snicker and bend over and kiss the behind of the US one more time.


I really appreciate the way Wikileaks waits until these misleaders make some obeisance or another towards their masters in Washington, and then publishes. NSA must have all sorts of evidence of the personal corruption of Frau Merkel to have her so compliant.


(then) NSA Director Gen. Keith B. Alexander: “Collect it all!”


Someone is stirring the EU pot and I do not think it’s WikiLeaks. The powers that be know what WikiLeaks has and will use it under the guise of WikiLeaks to promote their cause.


Now we can see Merkel for whom she really is: an infantile ego in need of a very expensive security blanket.

What? Why?

What else will protect her from being the hatchet killing Greece and whatever other nations in the EU show up needing a little cash flow after Merkel’s/Germany’s banksters have gotten too greedy for their own good?


I guess if one must concoct a convoluted nothing scheme to be paranoid over, that one is about as good as the next one.