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NSA Tools, Built Despite Warnings, Used in Global Cyber Attack


NSA Tools, Built Despite Warnings, Used in Global Cyber Attack

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Apparent National Security Agency (NSA) malware has been used in a global cyber-attack, including on British hospitals, in what whistleblower Edward Snowden described as the repercussion of the NSA's reckless decision to build the tools.

"Despite warnings, @NSAGov built dangerous attack tools that could target Western software. Today we see the cost," Snowden tweeted Friday.


The NSA quit being the National Security Agency when it became the National Surveillance Agency.
Now its stolen surveillance tools are being used to breach the security it was supposed to protect.
Utter criminality on their part.


Your taxpayer dollars at work.


What could possibly go wrong?


Well, this is obviously being done by a government. Look what's being hit, nothing like the Pentagon or equivalent in any country. If anyone doesn't knknowthis will help give understanding.


Paybacks for the attacks on hospitals in the ME?


No one saw this coming.

And by no one, I mean everyone.

Soon to be broadcast in real-time on a computer screen near you: a US drone rerouted to hit US targets.

Technology has jumped the shark.


Believe it or not, The mastermind is Charlie Chaplin's great-great-grand-daughter.


"In light of today's attack, Congress needs to be asking @NSAgov if it knows of any other vulnerabilities in software used in our hospitals," Snowden tweeted.

Says the the guy that probably is responsible for getting all that malware out of the NSA and handing it out to everyone.


It would be relatively easy to build Ameerican code. One don't hire H-1-B v


Don't build the tools with common boiler plate language.Use a language unique to American code and don't hire and fire H-1-B - visas, and then wonder why the tools have gone global. They don't have to use back door code they can come in through the open front door.. Invite Snowden back into the country with immunity. And don't dump the malware out on innocent users just for fun, every time you do, you compromise the tool itself. A smart coder like Snowden can capture the tool and duplicate it.


I doubt it. He has nothing to gain. High school kids can create malware simply from boiler plate. The stuff is all over the net.


The National Security Agency.. for whom? It is not for our security; but for their security!


... What?

The exploit used to create this virus was leaked by a group of hackers. Can't remember their name. Maybe don't throw slander around when you don't know WTF you're talking about, though.


This sounds identical to the .Zepto ransom malware that I've got sitting here on a friend's PC that I've got to get up the ambition to tackle.


Sure. Where did they get it from? You think Snowden gets room and board with Twitter privileges in Moscow for leaking some Powerpoint presentations to some reporter? The Chinese and Russians gave him free passage and board out of the kindness of their hearts? I wish i see the world with the same eyes you do, but out here in the real world it's a little different...


That's debatable. He's still alive, free and twittering from Moscow...


I have yet to hear of any evidence that it wasn't the NSA behind the attack.


Dear Future Generations: Sorry


Another clueless post....