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NSC Memo Shows Elliott Abrams ‘Caballed Quietly’ to Spring a CIA-Connected Drug Trafficker


NSC Memo Shows Elliott Abrams ‘Caballed Quietly’ to Spring a CIA-Connected Drug Trafficker

Jefferson Morley

When U.S. policymakers needed to spring a convicted CIA-connected drug trafficker from doing hard time in federal prison, who did they call?

Trump’s infamous appointed special envoy to Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, according to a September 1986 National Security Council email, written by NSC staffer Oliver North.




It articles such as this that make one realize that in spite of what Governments might say about Global Warming , most really have no interest in divorcing their economies from burning Hydrocarbons. There just too much money involved and the 1 percent want it.

As far as the USA is concerned , not only do they want to ensure they fuel the profits of the 1 percent for the forseeable future, but they feel they need to physically control the Countries with these resources so as to ensure the Country in question uses the US dollar for trade. China and Russia and a few other Countries have already started this process and a number of other Countries on the “US Axis of evil” least either have tried it , and been invaded for doing so , or are in the process of trying it as the US adds them to the new list of “evil”.

These guys are all criminals , thieves and thugs. That is how the USA became the "richest Country in the world’



All the oceans in this world could not wash the blood from this man’s hands and our political system normalizes him and gives him power.



Precisely. Iraq under Saddam Hussein was trading oil in non-US-dollar transactions. Muammar Gaddafi in Libya was making non-US dollar trades, and was also overtly seeking to create a new independent African currency. These were their true crimes against the US petrodollar empire.

Iran is in the cross-hairs for the same reason. But the inevitable is underway, countries including Russia and China are involved in creating ways to by-pass the dollar, and US dollar hegemony will end soon.

Or, Trump will launch nuclear war. That’s what “full-spectrum dominance” has always been about: The USA will dominate militarily, by threats or by force, in order to ensure continuation of global economic supremacy in a “New American Century.”



I’ve long suspected Max Boot was on the “Company” payroll, think operation mockingbird, his criticisms of Omar have done nothing to dispel this belief.

“Lazy reporters sometime say that the CIA was cleared of the allegation”, Jefferson you’re being much too kind, with photographic evidence of the crimes of drug trafficking, I’m not sure I’d call them lazy, more like complicit.

“Hundreds of thousands of black men remained in jail for years, if not decades.”
All for using and distributing the cocaine the CIA brought into the country and flooded the streets with.



Again, precisely. The USA is the greatest criminal enterprise on Earth. From its founding in settler colonialism, enslavement, and genocide, to today’s neoliberal “Washington consensus” and bi-partisan neocon war-mongering.



Well said. Putting it out there in plain clothes we can see that they have stolen the dress and pants and are reselling them for a yuuuuge mark-up. Enron-er’s.



Sometimes writers write wonderful things like Mark Twain saying every man over 40 is responsible for his own face. Mr. Abrams looks very demonic : ) And, I think he was shocked by Rep. Omar’s questions----as his reaction was over the top, and the Abrams ." doth protest too much." There is a certain way that liars respond , when shocked by a truth response—and it’s always overdone to a ridiculous fashion. You may deny TRUTH Mr. Abrams----but your body, and your voice were truly shocked at Rep Omar’s TRUTH which you have been evading for some time. If squirming is a new response for you—get used to it as your true colors are soaked with blood.



Caballed or Cabal-led? :wink:

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A small amount of drugs or a few undeclared in taxes land you in jail. Tonnes drugs and thousands of in off shore accounts gives you power.
You either make me big or…



Good one!



"Steal a little and they throw you in jail
“Steal a lot and they make you King…”
Bob Dylan