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Nuclear Annihilation and the Wisdom of Mass Salvation

Nuclear Annihilation and the Wisdom of Mass Salvation

Robert C. Koehler
Mutually assured destruction is not wisdom. It’s playing with global holocaust.

The “nuclear option”


Amen to that! If we took King out of his box, and really listen to the things he said, and try harder to live those things, then we will find our way back to humanness. They may have taken
the life of his body, but his words are immortal, and more relevant than ever, to stop our slide into the abyss.


Science provides predictive power, which we take to be indicative of knowledge.
Religion gives some people the power of influence and control over other people by purporting to be wisdom.

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"Three days later . . . [another] ‘false missile alert’ went off in Japan”:

Japanese public broadcaster NHK issued a false alarm about a North Korean missile launch on Tuesday, just days after a similar gaffe caused panic in Hawaii, but it managed to correct the error within minutes.

It was not immediately clear what triggered the mistake.

“We are still checking,” an NHK spokesman said.

Another “false alert.” Another “mistake.” Just “a similar gaffe.”
What are the odds of one? What are the odds of Two, within three days?


There are not many of us left who have faced the Nuclear Dragon and survived. There are not many in power today who have any idea as to what they are so callously proposing.
*I’ve lived for sixty one years with the memory of the Bikini tests I was present at in 1956 as an 18 year old navy man. I watched, and was exposed to seven H-bombs. I’ve written a great deal of my own experience and that of many others, including cancers in families, and the untimely deaths from cancer and other diseases, of nuclear veterans.
*The indigenous peoples of the Marshall Islands are still suffering from the destruction and poisoning of their islands. Those who try to help them get scant notice from our Ministry of Propaganda’s Faux News broadcasts.
*If the ignorant, bullying, children currently in charge keep playing “Mine is bigger than yours,” one of these days, someone is actually going to push the button. By the time the various countries automatic responses have kicked in, there will be little left of our alleged civilization. The planet will be for the most part uninhabitable. The bullying, ignorant children in their bunkers will no doubt be sending messages to their counterparts saying, “See? I told you mine was bigger than yours!”
*There will be few left to appreciate it, and not much uncontaminated land left to grow edible food on, such as will grow under close to a century of nuclear winter.
*I think it would be much wiser to remove these ignorant bullies from their positions and put them in a nice rubber room, with soft toys to play with, then go about trying to defuse this insanity and learn to help one another and rebuild our failing ecosystem.


Thank you, minitrue, for sharing your unique experience and sane perspective on this and other issues. It is unfortunate that our peculiar society does not more highly value the lessons painfully learned by their elders. More indigenous societies have the good sense to revere the wisdom of their elders. Here is a cry in the dark, for what it’s worth:



i don’t know why, but i woke up this morning thinking about humanity’s eternal romance with royalty. i remember when as an adolescent i watched an “i :heart: lucy” episode as the ricardos and mertzes prepared for a trip to england. ricky had been honored by queen elizabeth with a command performance and lucy and ethel practiced how to execute a proper curtsy before her royal highness. i felt astonished.we’re americans!!!” i thought, “we believe in equality of all people” since then i’ve learned that a whole lot of americans love grovelling at the feet of our “betters.”

just recently i heard two different members of trump’s cabinet avoid openly contradicting the prez when a reporter asked, “do you agree with what trump said?” respond with “I serve at the pleasure of the president.” gee, doesn’t that sound like a line from “game of thrones”? (oh, i know you don’t watch t.v., but the book is a fantastic read!) somehow this infatuation with kings, queens and heroes explains why true democracy remains as a mirage in the desert. we move toward the image yet never capture it.

thomas hobbes, not one of my favorite philosophers, said, “it is not wisdom but authority that make a law,” and where does that authority come from i wonder. ???

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