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Nuclear Annihilation of a Radical Message on Israel: The Case of Concepcion Picciotto



Israeli Zionism is the Armageddon button.


Thank you for this look at a tireless activist, Sister Concepcion Picciotto. Thanks also for emphasizing her work exposing the Israeli nuclear threat and obliquely its genocidal actions/war against the Palestinian people.

The BDS movement has also run afoul of Israeli/AIPAC subversion of our nation and in the UK (as well as elsewhere) attempting to silence people speaking truth on Israeli war crimes, racist ethnic cleansing, occupation and racist expansionism, and open subversion of nations! Recognizing the threat and crimes is the first step.

I will re-post my comment coincidentally posted only yesterday re another anti-nuke piece in hopes it will generate some response and activism.

Bravo to all who took their bodies to the streets - OUR streets! - to demand a nuclear-free world, an end to nuclear terrorism!

Let's start with a truly nuclear-free Middle East, most especially that threat to all humankind, Zionist Israel, that has not, and never will, sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
In addition to at least 80 to 300 (estimated) nuclear warheads, Israel has three different types of delivery systems. The Israeli nuclear "Samson Option" - "we go down, all others go down with us" is a threat to all earth's inhabitants by an intolerant, racist, and pathologically delusional expansionist state.......

Iran joined the IAEA in 1958 .....signed the NPT in 1968, ratified in 1970. The double standard allowing Israel to ignore IAEA requirements is a measure of their ability to subvert all to further their own interests/threats.....

The Samson Option, Israel's threat against the whole world


but not one of the presidents ever spoke to her

If Sanders found himself in the White House and she were still alive, he would be rushing right across the street with his body guard in tow to say hello. The Queen of Darkness must not become president of the USA.


The amazing thing about the comments in the Toronto Star was the way extremist-right wing hate comments were never "moderated" but the most polite ones that trod over a certain line to the left always were. And yeah, like all US newspapers too, criticism of Israel is aboslutely crossed that line.


Actually, probably not.

Not that Sanders is not the best of the sorry array of candidates available, but he is no pacifist, nor has he publicly said anything about nuclear disarmament (like Corbyn sure has), nor is he an anti-Zionist.