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Nuclear Experts Team Up to Advise World Leaders on Avoiding Nuclear War


Nuclear Experts Team Up to Advise World Leaders on Avoiding Nuclear War

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Nuclear experts are creating a global coalition to advise President Donald Trump and other world leaders on preventing nuclear war, Politico reported Thursday.

The Nuclear Crisis Group is expected to launch in Vienna on Friday. The coalition assembled in response to Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin's rhetoric, which the experts say is increasing the risk of a nuclear conflict.


Just the mere fact that this article was published, shows fantastic courage! Just one comment - says it all. Too efin bizarro macabre, to stomach. Will "No comment" be humankind's crushing betrayal, its epitaph? Its submission to permanent extinction without a fight?


Bad comments might.


I see conflict here but it is probably not the one you are thinking of. That conflict would be the DNC, NEO CON, globalist dominators, and billionaires like the Rothschilds wanting, needing, demanding, complete and utter domination of all countries against the desires of the BRICS, Russia, China and so forth to remain free. The problem is we know the Rothschilds and their love of war above all else and know from our last two presidents that they really are not allowed to decide what actually happens.Or there is the option that Americans just vote for complete a**holes.

So lets be clear, guns do not kill people. People kill people with all kinds of stuff. Nukes need some one to push the button to bring them to life. Look at the people that are our "leaders" that have the button. So before getting rid of the nukes we must hold accountable and remove from office all those who would create an extinction event. Start with McCain and Graham. Then get rid of the nukes.