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Nuclear Experts Warn Trump Against Vows to Torpedo Successful Iran Deal


Nuclear Experts Warn Trump Against Vows to Torpedo Successful Iran Deal

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump has said that his "number one priority is to dismantle" the Iran nuclear accord, but dozens of the nation's preeminent scientists and nuclear experts sent the incoming leader a strongly-worded letter (pdf) on Monday urging him not to do so, saying that the deal "has dramatically reduced the risk" of nuclear weapons in Iran.


This article lacks the 'why' does Trump wants to dismantle the accord. What will be the gain by doing so? Is this to open the door for yet another weapons of mass destruction operation to continue feeding the MIC?


The Iran deal is like taking your sister to the prom. Better than not going at all, but has serious drawbacks none the less.


Well, we can only hope that Trump listens to reason. We already know that he's not bothered by breaking promises.


Now all we need is someone to translate the scholarly language into layman's for Trump, who does not seem to have the intellectual capacity to comprehend complex issues such as this. And who will do that? His daughter? His son-in-law? His chief adviser? Good heavens, we are doomed.


It's difficult to sort through all the propaganda and flat-out deception around accords such as this one, and uncover what is the real situation. The American people are like horses trying to run a race with serious blinders on--the truth surrounds us but we are not allowed to see it.


Just because Trump is ignorant doesn't mean he is stupid. The next four years may well be the education Trump didn't get in college. One can only hope.


Yes at about the level of a sixth grader and in tweet form...


Glad the smart boys are reaching out, speaking to the issues and what it means NOT to dismantle this deal. But will T-Rump actually understand what they say? I won't hold my breath, but will be "hoping" that he gets it.


Why? Because it's what Israel wants, and The Donald wishes to do their bidding.


I had that thought as well.


Unfortunately orange head is asshole buddies with Bibi and after he moves our embassy to Jerusalem and gives them a blank check and permission to invade anyone in the area, Iran is at the top of Israel's shit list and they run our Middle East policy for their own benefit. So Iran should stand by for regime change along with more and egregious sanctions to strangle their economy even more. There will be a shooting war in the middle east in the next 4 years, it is just a matter of who fires the first shot at whom and then where we aim our missiles. Ask Bibi what our policy is if you want a quick and accurate answer.