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'Nuclear Option' Looms as Lawmakers Line Up Against Neil Gorsuch


'Nuclear Option' Looms as Lawmakers Line Up Against Neil Gorsuch

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Amid an energetic resistance campaign, the committee vote on President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch has been postponed one week.


Well Patrick Leahy just got a earful from me: Sen. Patrick Leahy, (202) 224-4242. His tweet is absolutely nonsensical and points to everything that is wrong with 'establishment' democrats and I told him so and, except for Bernie, no democrat would get my vote. We have enough on this racist federalist--this is no time to be fooled by his calm sophisticated exterior, Sen. Leahy!


Republicans are the opposition party. Democrats are the no position party.

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"At least 14 senators—as many as 20, according to some counts—have said they'll vote against Gorsuch"

Huh? You mean to tell us that with 48 senators voting as or with Democrats that only 14 to 20 have come out against Gorsuch?

Where's the list?



Thanks! Yikes, Dick Durbin, the party whip, is undecided.


That the Dums are not unified in opposition to this truly obnoxious nominee is horrifying. Obviously, the party has no interest in regaining their relevance. Time to give it up, Bernie.