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'Nuclear Plants Are Like Time Bombs': Former Japanese Prime Minister


'Nuclear Plants Are Like Time Bombs': Former Japanese Prime Minister

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"Nuclear plants are like time bombs," a former prime minister of Japan has declared.

Speaking Tuesday, Junichiro Koizumi, who held the office from 2001-2006, said the plants "are never safe" when they are located in a country with earthquakes or active volcanoes, Koydo News reports.


It is hard to believe that anyone really gives a shit what two past Japanese asshats have to say. As we watch star fish, seals, birds, whales and piles of Pacific life forms die out because this ignorant little country has poisoned the ocean and the air we breathe. We see your little dance to save face as a serious but laughable joke. Shut your pie holes and stop dumping your radioactive mistake in our ocean.

Your f*ing nuclear plants are not like time bombs they are bombs and 4 of them have already blown up in our world. You can only gain your honor back by cleaning up your mess. Almost 4 years now and your f*ing coriums are still not contained. TEPCO is doing nothing but robbing the Japanese taxpayer.

The rest of the world understands that nuclear power is one of America's greatest failures an example to all of the sickness which hides in our country.