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Nuclear Power Bums, Bailouts, and Bankruptcy


Nuclear Power Bums, Bailouts, and Bankruptcy

John LaForge

You have to hand it to the nuclear industry for socializing costs and privatizing profits. Last year, lobbyists for operators of dirty, deadbeat old reactors won massive public subsidies -- bailouts -- in New York and Illinois that will keep decrepit, retirement-age reactors from shutting down.


At the time the first nuke plants came on line six decades ago it was apparent that they were the most expensive means of boiling water ever devised by mankind, despite the massive PR campaign to convince taxpayers and ratepayers that nukes would make power so cheap they could stop metering it.

Looks like the cost of boiling water with nukes keeps going up.


Nuclear power is good for the local communities, good for the environment, good for the economy, good for everyone except the fossil fuel industry. I live near the longest running nuclear power plant in the USA, where I work as a technician, it is safer and more reliable today than when it was built.