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'Nuclear Power Is a Dead-End for Climate': Coalition Denounces Public Bailout of Doomed Industry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/02/nuclear-power-dead-end-climate-coalition-denounces-public-bailout-doomed-industry


Chernobyl in Russia —Fukushima In Japan ------and wasn’t there a Three Mile Island debacle in America too?
Money talks , I guess, but yet, do they not realize that EARTH is all we’ve got?



They will not realize it untill it is too late…THE PLANET IS SCREWED!


Hi Shantiananda;

But, WHERE do they think they will be living when the planet dies?
I read a Ray Bradbury story about Mars being the original habitation spot ----but the Martians had to move here after they ruined that planet!


They all fully subscribe to the idea that Elon Musk will take them all to mars where life will be easier and better.


Hi Adam:
I guess they’ve forgotten that they might have the ideas----but It’s the people who actually do the work! : )

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Due to the global risk of nuclear proliferation (many of the supposed “new kinds of nuclear reactors” have vastly higher risks of nuclear proliferation) and especially the huge risk of multiple meltdowns due to huge solar mass ejections like the solar storm that hit Earth in 1859 (the Carrington event) we’d be nuts to build any more nuclear fission power plants. We narrowly missed a Carrington Class event seven years ago, had it hit us, and it almost did, we might still be picking up the piece, so this is a quite substantial risk that we’d be nuts to ignore. the problem is, these reactors have to be continuously cooled, which paradoxially requires additional power all the time. because the way our current fission reactors work and our power grid works, you cant just turn them off, they still have to be cooled. Now we here probably are assuming they might have to be cooled for just a few days, we’re assuming that fuel to run backup generators will be available, but NO, experts have been telling us that in this particular situation, power may not be available for some time, quite some time. That is a separate issue, basically its because the so called “EMP” from a solar flare is a very powerful wave of charged particles that hits the earth very shortly after we see the solar flare. That distance between notification and wave of charged particles is far too short for us to prepare for it. In comes the current plan which involves space probes quite some distance from the Earth at two points, the Lagrangian points… Anyway, those probes give us longer warning, and the current plan is for an alarm to go out, warn all the power delivery systems in the world and have them remove their power transformers from their long power wires, which otherwise have a DC pulse induced between their long wires and “ground” - But there is a problem, some areas in the US don’t have good enough grounds. For example the Northeast… The pulse blows up the transformers, and replacing so many would be a huge task

Anyway, it would take me longer than the time I have to finish this, but the short version is that there is a very serious risk of a world changing catastrophe from the nuclear power plants we do have which could add a huge amount of additional danger to an already very dangerous condition (loss of power possibly for a very long time) this additional risk is multiple nuclear meltdowns all at the same time all around the world or even in some heavily populated areas where there is an inadequate grounding. If multiple nuclear power plants were to simultaneously lose their cooling power for an extended period of time, a clock would start ticking and no matter how responsive we are, the odds are high that some percentage of them would not be able to adequately cool because our resources would be stretched very thin, people would not have power so would not have water for drinking or anything, in areas without power… We would have a chain reaction in more ways than one. It could become the largest disaster in human history very rapidly and render large areas uninhabitable.

What is required is redundant, semi autonomous power backup systems that can run for very very long time that are also defended from the local populations who would be clamoring for that power and possibly demanding them. We desperately need to recognize that there is such a thing as hubris and that we and our society suffer from it on a massive scale already.

Did I explain that all nuclear power plants currently in use suffer from this design flaw? Our current most used design suffers from “loss of the ultimate heatsink” That is what caused the multiple nuclear meltdowns all at the same time at Fukushima.

This is a serious danger that we cannot trivialize and it could change our lives overnight.

Lets not be total idiots and add more danger on top of the risk we already have, especially when energy consumption is way down.


These sociopaths and narcissists consider themselves to be elites. They are actually incapable of visualizing something through to the end and understanding its ramifications. Their Idea is that only the most elite people will go to mars and everyone else will be left behind, and that will make them the most exclusive men alive. The horrors which await them there, never mind the impossibility of the problems they would encounter in attempting such a venture are beyond their narrow comprehension. All they see is themselves on a pedestal, it’s all they ever see. This is why they cannot build a company’s profits except by cutting wages and slashing regulations, they have no skill, no vision, no intellect, no common sense; only greed, ruthlessness, and hate propel them forward.


Bipartisanship at its worst.


In Russia’s “nuclear lake” district the average human life expectancy is 50 years. Birth defects are rampant among the locals.

Nuclear power is being billed as “clean” energy in the sense that sure you can die of thyroid cancer, but at least you won’t see anything and that’s what counts.

Nuclear power is a zombie industry. It’s an undead technology. If safety regulations are reasonably followed, nuclear power uses more fossil fuel over its lifetime than it generates, so in terms of climate we’re better off burning the fuel. Now, if the government runs a terribly dirty operation, yes they can get nuclear power to make a fossil fuel profit. Bury the bodies by hand!

The only thing keeping the zombie industry on its feet, wandering MIT’s infinite corridor looking for brains, brains, is vast government subsidies. There’s no chance that any corporate profit will ever be found other than at the teat.


I agree with much of what you say in spirit, but as somebody who has had a lot of contact with them and has paid a heavy price for it. I have to say, although they always are very destructive on all those around them, there are narcissists who are really evil and really good at concealing it, and there are lots more kind of horrible but also many more of them who one has to pity, a lot, because they were victims of abuse, thats how they became that way. Its obvious that they have been through hell at some point early in their lives. The stress changed their brains. Turning them into extremely adept liars. Literally the worst people in human history have I would even guess all were narcissists, but not all of them are the really worst people, some can even be semi sweet. They are missing important pieces of their puzzles.

Some are bumbling assholes, some are evil assholes, who kill millions of people, but most aren’t. They might be very destructive to a lot of people, I think most of them are to their own families, but late in life, when they are facing fatal diseases, especially, some sincerely try to somehow be better, and manage to.

Also, although they almost never go to psychotherapy, some are forced to by family or spouses and do benefit from it it seems, or claim to.

There is even one guy, I forget his name, who has made a small industry writing books that explain the illness he has to non-narcissists. (edit “sam vak-(something)”) All in all its a complicated picture. Because its amental illness and the human mind is tremendously complicted. Most importantly, its a delusion,that makes people make really really bad decions, but helpsthem get away with it, making having them in leadership positions really bad decision. When we know people are narcissists we should never elect them or nominate them for anything, this is such a big mistake we may not survive it each time it happens now. It like Russian Roulette.

Lets be realistic, virtually ALL politicians, on the national scale, it seems to me are narcissists to some degree, and even the ones people here like are dangerous, even the ones we would tend to like have secrets that reveal their hidden narcissism. And those secrets are really ugly, and would turn us off toi them if we knew them and pondered their impacts. But they get away with it, in my experience, because few of us have really been burned by them anogh to understand the insane things they do which show that they literally obsess about deceiving other people in ways that nobody who has never dealt with them could ever begin to understand. I hope you dont but my friends, you already have and just dont realize it, you’ve been impacted BADLY, all of us, this is most certainly why we are in such a mess. These crooks have stolen your lives. Or will. (Most of what we believe to be true in the US political space, isnt, and I cant begin to explain this because it would take all the space and time I could possibly write here, but what they have done is what narcissists do. Non narcissists would never have allowed this to happen. )

There is a great need for some way to exclude them from power, but our current system is so captured, its totally inevitable that that would instantly be turned into a way to exclude non-narcissists from power.

We’re headed in that way already. That’s what fascism is.

Left on the path we are on, that it is, Id bet we wont survive to the half century mark.

You can bet on it.

Being a better liar doesn’t cut it.

twisting every good thing into something bad and dividing the country and planet by turning everybody against one another so that they can totally take over the world is a sadistic game for them.

They really do get off on deceiving people, and stealing their everything. It gets them excited.

And no, its not all good guys and all bad guys by parties.

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I can understand your argument for compassion, but I don’t share the sentiment. Call it collateral damage, or whatever you want, but before I allow such vermin to destroy all of us, I say its’ pitchfork time!


That’s what they want, for you to become one of them. Consumed by hate.

They are the real life inspirations for the myths of the vampire.

I will not write about americas greatest nuclear plant danger on the internet.
I will advise:

  1. immediately begin re-using fuel rods after refurbishing.
    1a) This removes over 80% of cooling water needs
    1b) This reduces pool leaks. Soil spoil at yankee, bradenton and at Seneca, Illinois.
    1b) This helps reduce Hanford and New Mexico storage.

  2. We are 5 or 6 years late designing and building floating nuclear electric plants with co-generation and desalination. Russia has one.
    2a) One darn good design, replicated. Leased to other nations for their irrigation, electric power for their citizens.

  3. America is a growing society. White people may not be having babies anymore - but everyone else is!! Gotta plan and build now to accomodate the families arriving and thriving.

I’ll go even one further. All nuclear power generating stations should be decommissioned as rapidly as possible. Start with the stations that are well past their design parameters. Proceed from there because without humans to run them they will all melt down and turn Earth into a dead, glow-in-the-dark, third rock from the Sun. Fukushima will continue to poison the world’s oceans far into the future, potentially killing off all ocean life. That’s just 3 1/2 bad reactors next to the Pacific ocean that’s potentially an extinction level event. At least Chernobyl is far from the seas.There are over 450 nuclear power stations on Earth. Many I’m sure have multiple reactors.


I would suggest that all peoples stop making babies for at least a generation or two, because Earth is severely overpopulated by about 6 billion people. With only 2 billion or so all the environmental stresses are greatly mitigated. Of course this will never happen and humans will go extinct, soon too, I believe.


Someone should check Mars for radiation left over from any previous occupants.

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Simply, they are narcissists elevated to god like status. Pipe-dreamer’s that use fantasy to fuel their silly dreams. Or, they have more money than god(s) with lots of time on their hands. Bezos has wild dreams too.


No because we need to be eliminating the danger of multiple nuclear meltdowns now, by winding down our fission plant exposure. We need to be putting the high level waste into some setting where the waste heat is hugely diluted. You mentioned WIPP, I think, right?

Deep underground but the nuclear waste storage area that was supposed to be safe, just a few years ago had some of the stored waste explode out (not a nuclear explosion, thankfully) and it turned out to have been caused by a really dumb mistake. They used the wrong kind of kitty litter. Am I correct, that was the cause?

Cost of this mistake to the taxpayer? More than $10e9 See the problem?

As opportunities to make a honest buck get more difficult, a certain segment of society will do literally anything to get that money. They see every citizen as their compe-government-tit-ion and it wont be long before they are trying to do what baby sharks do before they are even born and eat all of us.

Nuclear = really scary = lots of money.

Some kinds of nuclear energy also seem to offer the “opportunity” for nuclear terrorism, don’t think our entitled class wont grab it.
They are the annointed ones, above the law. “We are our own worst enemy”.

Increasingly, the biggest crimes are all inside jobs.

Just like a bad movie, except it and they are real.

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We wont have to do anything, EDCs are doing it (threatening human reproduction and the survival of the human race) already.

Look up the rapidly rising cost of cancers and dozens of other extremely expensive illnesses caused by environmentally persistent endocrine disrupting chemicals/obesogens/etc, its absolutely terrifying.

Its already a significant proportion of the GNP of the EU and likely to be far more here because we’re much less regulated.

This is likely why they are working so hard (with our help) to make tierless public healthcare FTA illegal all around the world. (thats the only kind that will go after the polluters, otherwise the healthcare system will “Prevent Care” ™