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Nuclear Talks Adjourn With Hopes High But Issues Still Unresolved


Nuclear Talks Adjourn With Hopes High But Issues Still Unresolved

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

A round of peace talks between Iran and six world powers adjourned one day early in Lausanne, Switzerland on Friday with P5+1 nations (the U.S., Russia, China, United Kingdom, France, Germany) at loggerheads over issues including sanctions relief and yet with hopes still high that diplomacy can proceed.

The official reason for the recess was to allow Iranian delegates to attend the funeral of President Hassan Rouhani's mother, and talks are slated to resume next week.


The thing that really pisses me off is the fact that all of this Israeli bullshit could have been resolved in about 45 minutes. All any US president would have had to do (any time since the late 40’s) is inform Israel that, if they don’t sit down and negotiate a fair agreement with Palestine, the US will no longer send them its annual $3 billion gift, nor will it send any more military supplies or weaponry. Furthermore, it will no longer use its veto power to shield Israel from UN action.

  • They could probably also include nuclear disarmament and joining the NPT in the package.
  • I’ll bet Israel would finally join the community of civilized nations in jig time.


Well put. It’s also worth mentioning that Iran is only trying to do what any other country in the world is allowed to do: Create a nuclear energy program to reduce its use of fossil fuels. And they are the most inspected country in the world.

It never ceases to amaze me that the news media never reports these basic facts.


This is becoming the theater of the absurd. Here are all these nations with plenty of nukes and they wringing their hands and empty heads about Iran getting ONE nuke.

Kerry, Obama and those other nations which are participating in the show and tell theater - why not sit down and negotiate to dismantle all nukes everywhere?

Some idiots (that includes one from the New York Times) are even saying that Iran is the greatest threat to humanity, greater than ISIS and everything else.


The sticking point for France is that Iran has allied with Russian and Chinese nuclear firms, which supplanted the German and FRENCH interests that were in place under the Shah.

Germany is not expanding its domestic nuclear industry, so have no designs on reclaiming their stake in the Iranian nuc industry.

HOWEVER, France’s FRAMATOME has major international nuc connections, extending into key US nuclear suppliers (Emerson-owned ASCO/Rosemont/General Controls Nuclear for one).

Follow the money.


This situation is the first, last, and hardest for all, yet that is only true because of long-term denial of truth. Iran holds the key that makes it possible to require worldwide nuclear disarmament. It has no mature or intelligent reason to require anything less. Nothing else is right to see. Everything less is the bare face of denial and the common hypocrisy that allows the war industry to rule the world. Everything less on the part of all parties is cowardly denial. The people of the world are entitled to a voice, as is the Earth herself.