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'Nuclear Weapons Arms Race Is Here': Russians, Anti-Nuke Experts Denounce US Missile Test

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/20/nuclear-weapons-arms-race-here-russians-anti-nuke-experts-denounce-us-missile-test

I suppose its more the insatiable greed of the military industrial complex than an actual desire to use these missiles, though who knows with the agressiveness and the stupid macho ethic of the weapons industry. But we do know who will pay for this arms race, us.

I guess my question would be: Would we have attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and threatened to attack others, if they all had nukes? I doubt it.
Seems like that may be a better way than what we have now.


It’s back to the civil defense drills of yesteryear. When the alarm sounds, get under your desk, but your hands over your heads…and kiss your a** goodbye.


Again note the timing. It took over two decades for something like the f-35 to get from the engineers imagining it on paper to building the first model. Missile technologies like the cruise missiles took years to design and implement. (The original response from NATO nations to counter the old USSR first deploying these missiles in East Europe way back before the treaty signed took over 4 years to get the first missiles designed)

We are to believe these engineers managed to get one of these missiles designed and launch a test withing a few months of the treaty being renounced and THIS from the Country that claimed that Russia was in violation of the treaty because they were designing missiles that were forbidden by the same?

I mean , come on. As usual it blatanty obvious the US was violating the treaty all along.


Those old fossils who wanted to nuke the commies and destroy the world are still there, biding their time.

This should help a lot. I already feel much safer.

Back in WW2 the world fought against Germany and tried to outpace them before the fascists there can develop the nuclear bomb. Unfortunate such a weapon now is primarily produced by the fascists in the U.S.

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