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Nuclear Weapons, Natural Disasters, Bullies and Your Doctor


Nuclear Weapons, Natural Disasters, Bullies and Your Doctor

Robert Dodge

The world watches as the natural disasters of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the earthquake off Mexico wreak their devastation, waiting for their final tolls of death, destruction and devastation. Yet on a daily basis the world faces a far greater manmade threat, that of nuclear war, as tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, the U.S., its NATO Allies and Russia over Ukraine and Syria, and between India and Pakistan play out.


I wrote this prayer when our time of troubles was just getting firmly established. Perhaps it is worth passing along again.

Who has set in motion this marvelous structure in which we dwell;
Whose precepts we have learned through many Great Teachers
Sent through the ages of man.

Perhaps the most important of these precepts,
One which echoes from the most distant past
Down through the most modern of pronouncements,
Is the simplest, yet seems now to be the most ignored.

“As you would not have something done unto you,
Do it not unto others.” A simple precept.
If followed, it would eliminate most of the World’s ills.
If broken, it accounts for most of them.

We are approaching a climactic event
Which will decide our nation’s direction,
And that of the world, for decades to come.
Perhaps the ultimate survival of life on the planet.

The event is simple; accurate and thoughtful
Marks put in a series of boxes,
To determine our fate and the fate of the world.
The life or death of our children, of our democracy.

We have seen a preview of life as envisioned by those in power today,
A life of unimagined wealth and luxury for the few,
Grinding poverty, ill health and starvation for the rest.
Endless years of war, tens of thousands dead (only the poor, of course)

The choice we ask You to help us with is simple.
Help us to keep in mind that one important precept,
“As you would not have something done unto you,
Do it not unto others.”

As you would not have your family destroyed,
Do not authorize the destruction of the families of others.
As you would not put your children to bed hungry,
Insist that others should not go to bed hungry through our actions.

As you would not raise your children in ignorance, hatred and bigotry,
Direct those in power to finance education for all that are able,
And to teach the values of our Constitution and Bill of Rights,
That these values shall not perish from the earth.


Steve Osborn
26 Sept. 2004

And again,


Steve…damn, that’s good!!!
Thank you, as always


It seems to me what is needed is some sanity. How do we accomplish that? Elect a different congress. The upcoming 2018 election is a good time to start. To get reelected you need money. When you find a peace loving candidate tell all your friends. Many elections are decided by a small percentage of eligible voters because many eligible voters think it won’t matter and therefore don’t vote. It could matter.