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Nukes and the Global Schism


Nukes and the Global Schism

Robert C. Koehler

The United States boycotted the U.N. negotiations to ban — everywhere across Planet Earth — nuclear weapons. So did eight other countries. Guess which ones?


The photo accompanying this article was to the point as an image showing a nuclear artillery shell or 'tactical nuke' as they are known.

Right now, far from North Korea, far from Trump, India and Pakistan have nuclear artillery aimed at each other across their borders but with the added obscenity that control over the use of these tactical nukes lies with the generals on site!

A military commander from either side could initiate a nuclear exchange on their own say so and at any time! One can only hope or pray that no one makes a mistake.


There are people who will read Thurlow's trauma and dream about making sure it happens again.
These are the people who usually also have their hand on the button.


There is a poignant movie titled "Testament" that came out in the early 80's that gave the best understated treatment of nuclear war. Spoiler alert: Those that were away from the main blast...died. Some faster, some slower, but in the end they all ...died. That is what nuclear war means, everybody will die a mostly horrible death. We and others have spent $trillions on weapons that should never be used. If that's not a definition of insanity I don't know what is. I spent half my life under the threat of the 'cold war' and it affected me a lot. Especially in the early 80's when Reagan was going crazy with his 'star wars' nonsense that had the whole world on edge wondering; what if? Now hopey, changy, peace prize, Obama started a $trillion upgrade that's not needed. I think the whole world has gone insane, again!


It almost makes you wonder if humanity deliberately wants to commit suicide.


We do seem to have an attitude that implies such self-destruction as to imply that we do not care to live this precious given life we have; I am
left wondering frequently where the respect for life gets lost - or stolen
from individuals. I know that the liberal view that most have towards so
many forms of VIOLENCE scares me plenty. What we do seem to know about the stages and needs of human growth are hardly taught, or if even scarcely known, practiced at minimum levels, so we are probably fortunate to be doing as well as we do, even if that seems horribly inadequate for the growing of stable, balanced humans who care about learning to live well within ourselves and with all our
neighbors, close and far away. The only truly DEMOCRATIC communities (when practiced) I have ever found are hidden in the
foundations of the concepts of awareness, acceptance and positive action, such as that seen practiced in the AA program founded by a drunk - who wanted to learn to BECOME a HUMBLE, responsible, respectful, caring human person in relation to self and all others. It
seems to me that the characteristics exhibited by some of the present
highly visible folks in our various cultures are missing such attributes
as self-respect, empathy, compassion and some sense of the spiritual nature of our beingness, so that their behaviors are very hurtful to both
themselves and others and thus we end up with leaders who will seem
to tolerate the very notion of nuclear weapons and war itself. It always
surprises me to read here some of the mean-spirited words and notions that I do since this has been a rather inspiring corner of the
world for me. If I can recommend a possible solution in one word (!)
I would say with Br. David Steindl-Rast (who celebrated 91 years yesterday) that we all think more deeply about the idea of practicing
GRATITUDE. (See: ) Love/peace,Elizabeth


The USA also still has warheads from WWII that are in the, ahem, process of being disassembled. In Alabama. Elsewhere I don't know. Maybe they are safer assembled than in pieces? Must be expensive to do.

I really don't get the mindset that one country has to have nukes be cause another country has them. The defense argument doesn't hold water. If one country sends one at you, you don't take it down in route with a nuke. Therefore they are only for offense. And no country will admit using one for offense, except, um, N.Korea.

Why them? Look at what was done to them during the Korean War. They did not attack the US, or any allies. Yet every building demolished,, people left living in caves. And the US just can't get enough of war.


nikki haley asks “Is there anyone that believes that North Korea would agree to a ban on nuclear weapons?”

gee, does the lady think she serves as the u.n. ambassador from north korea? is this how she sees clearly into the mind of kim jong un? isn't she there to speak for the united states of north america? which nation on earth has the biggest stockpile of nuke and has budgeted billions more for upgrades? since i grew up during the cold war i've heard that old saw my entire life. "we can't do the right thing because those bad guys scare us!" "home of the brave"? i think not!


beautifully spoken! i feel sure that "to learn to BECOME a HUMBLE," is the path much needed. and yes, that begins with seeing and appreciating all the wonders around us. :slightly_smiling_face: