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Number of Journalists Murdered in Retaliation for Their Work More Than Doubled in 2020: Report

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/22/number-journalists-murdered-retaliation-their-work-more-doubled-2020-report

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All I can say is that all traces end in Langley Virginia at the foot of the CIA, the mother of all assassins. They worked hand and glove with the Pakistani ISI to create the Taliban and later the ISIS, Ben Laden etc… all children of the same mother the CIA. Even the murders in Mexico can be attributed to the CIA at least indirectly, although the CIA did dump cocaine in LA area during Regan contra wars headed by the SOB Elliot Abrams Zionist criminal. It can be said that the drugs and murder epidemic in Mexico is a direct result of American foreign policy shenanigans to rid Mexico of it’s former Social Democratic administrations and to install the corruptest leaders one after another. Before Reagan there were far fewer Mexican illegal migrants in the US however after NAFTA their economic system was set on it’s head and the deliberate efforts of the US Neoconservatives.

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There’s the Amnesty International model. What if Saudi journalists covered political corruption in Malta? What if Maltese journalists covered suspected genocide in Myanmar? You can do quite a bit on the phone if you happen to speak the local language.

What if a committee in Iceland did their best to preserve anonymity of sources and of journalist tips?

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In this article it states 9 journalists killed in Mexico:


The truth is the devil of the evil.