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Number of US Troops in Iraq Heading Toward 6,000


Number of US Troops in Iraq Heading Toward 6,000

Juan Cole

The US plans to send another 500 troops to Iraq to help with the massive Mosul campaign, which will involve the Iraqi army and its allies, the Kurdistan paramilitary Peshmerga, hard line Shiite militias, and Sunni Arab tribal levies. US troops will not engage in war-fighting at the front, but will help call in air strikes on Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) targets and provide tactical advice and training. Some of them are stationed at a newly recaptured airbase, Qayara, just south of Mosul.


Meanwhile, U.S. forces in Iraq are using white phosphorus shells, a war crime. After no prosecutions for using depleted uranium in Fallujah in 2004, don't expect any prosecutions for this other war crime.

But, then again, as an illegal war of aggression, the ENTIRE war on Iraq is the most serious of all war crimes, and the Bush & Obama administrations have gotten away with it.

Only whistle blowers who expose war crimes, such as Chelsea Manning and John Kiriakou, are held accountable and punished, not the actual war criminals themselves.


If the Iraqi military can take the whole country back from ISIS, and it now it appears that will, what happens in the future will depend on whether the political leaders can be inclusive and bring together Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds, or will it be like the previous leadership and keep the Shiites in a dominant position. The country should have learned its lesson. Be inclusive or the fighting will not end.


It was only the Bush administration that went to war. Obama has been trying to complete the troop withdrawal started by Bush but because the political situation was never resolved fighting in Iraq resumed. It should end after Mosul is retaken assuming that is successful. but the Iraqis need to resolve their political problems. Those problems are the basis of the present conflict.


The country should have learned its lesson eh Lrx?

Let me guess. You were titillated watching Shock and Awe on the TV when the wanton slaughter that Clinton and you supported began.


Obama tried to keep the troops IN, but of course that little fact escapes you.

And now, according to your stunted analysis (giving you undo credit here of not having the capacity for truthful analysis) the reason the country is such a mess, is primarily because those Iraqis just can't get their political act together.

Two criminal invasions has scant to do with it right Lrx?

Also, Obama HAS waged war in Iraq including his Administration supporting ISIS through allies, if not directly.

Also Obama was absolutely KEY, along with Pelosi and other war criminal Democrats including Clinton, to ensure that no one from the Bush Administration was criminally investigated for having taken this country to war based on lies, and for having committed war crimes.


Just back up for Our Qaeda.




Do you have an issue with Juan Cole?


Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark did form an International War Crimes Tribunal after his visit to Iraq in 1991 ( Desert Storm ), in which Clark traveled 2,000 miles through Iraq with a video filmmaker, and photographer during a time when the US was bombing with 3,000 sorties a day in Iraq. Clark documented a systematic destruction of civilian infrastructure, etc in Iraq by the US military. The International War Crimes Tribunal did convict George H.W. Bush of war crimes, " War Crimes: A Report of US War Crimes Against Iraq ", by Ramsey Clark. Also, George H.W. Bush used depleted uranium during Desert Shield, Desert Storm. Finally, how many soldiers of fortune (contractors ) are in Iraq now? They do not like to tell us that, do they?


We need to just get the f#$% out of the region altogether! Just get out! All we ever accomplish is making things worse and creating more Gold Star families for nothing. We've been through 15 years of unjustifiable, illegal and immoral wars over the CRIME of terrorism. These acts were not committed by governments, they were committed by non-state thugs that we CHOSE to treat like acts of war, so we would have an excuse to commit our military to taking them on, so the MIC could make more money selling replacement weapons, and contracting for more services to our government with inferior work and goods. Thing is, neither "serious" candidate for President will do anything to end this madness. Indeed both argue that they are the one who will send MORE of our blood and treasure over there. #NeverTrump, #NeverHillary. Stein/Baraka 2016!


What a relief knowing there will be no boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria. lol
Obama is one of the most deceptive presidents we've ever had. His eight years have been nothing but lies and platitudes. My skin crawls every time I hear how Obama's poll numbers are still so high and people looking lovingly at the pictures of him and Michelle. The whole of them are part of a cabal to sell our country to the corporations and yet, knowing how bad the TPP/wars have been in his administration the sheeple still fawn over him.
He rivals Clinton for the worst of the worst this country has ever seen.


America is made on war. Those are not troops they are liberators bring freedom to the Middle East one death at a time.