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Nunes Intel Came From White House, Raising 'Profound Questions'


Nunes Intel Came From White House, Raising 'Profound Questions'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) got his intelligence information—divulged earlier this month at a bizarre briefing that set off a brand-new Capitol Hill firestorm—from two White House officials, the New York Times revealed Thursday.


Boy, the copy machines in the basement recesses of the WH have been smoking hot since the Nunes "reveal." Gotta get all the propaganda ready to disperse as bona fide intel to set up a smokescreen obscuring the real facts. These T-3 jackals will soon be chewing off their own and their fellow jackals' feet. (T-3 = Trump Trash Tribe)


VP Cheney would make "anonymous" statements to the press, who would dutifully quote "a high ranking official in the Bush administration", then he would quote those news articles as proof of whatever he was selling when he showed up on the Sunday "news" shows.

Poor Donald. If he hadn't alienated the MSM he could have done the same!


The disinformation being propagated in this time we are living in, has reached epic proportions.

The American people should say 'Enough, we want a new election, for President and all 535 congressional seats.'


Devin Nunes, former dairy farmer turned Congressional useful idiot.


During his time "down on the farm" he perfected the art of gaming the government agricultural/dairy subsidies, without any doubt. Yet as a public "servant" elected to represent "the best interests of the people in his district" and to "uphold the U S Constitution so help (him) god" are now not even little dots on his agenda of self-aggrandizement and his attempts to undermine the government have risen to the very top. He should have been more cautious about what caravan he joined or "black hole" he signed on to follow.


Another "profound question" thus far ignored: Why is Beauregard still AG after perjuring himself during his confirmation hearing?


He's a major captain in the Trump Right Wing Crew; their plan is labeled Operation Drednought, and he's going down with the sinking shit, possibly?


'Farm Boy' should have stayed on the farm milking cows.


The over-the-top testimony today was pretty disturbing. The " Bernie Bros " where plants who spread fake news and misleading articles, casting aspersions, about SoS Clinton's campaign and policies. Really? And, Dr. Jill Stein's visit to Russia proves she was in cahoots with Putzy's goal of monkey wrenching the election of Dear Ol' Sweet Hillary. ( Chris Matthews on MSNBC ). Really?
Let's stop the spread of this malarkey. Hillary, and her Clintonista Clan, are just not as popular as Sen. Sanders' are, period. Bernie will be smeared, along with lots of great progressives and great left-of-center alternative news websites, et al to salvage The UniParty's grip on our Federal Gov't. Hillary was , and still is, The Establishment. Deal with it.
Knocking down the opposition to the status quo will require the Progressive-Greens to stop the painting of all these ( 3 ) various investigations with the same broad brush approach. The PTB headhunters are out, big time.


Which indicates that BOTH Tweetle-Dumb's assertions that he was the subject of an Obama wiretap at Drümpf Tower were false, AND that members of his inner circle WERE talking to the Russkies — otherwise they would not have been "incidentally swept up" in surveillance of foreigners that was apparently completely legal.

We need an independent investigation, unfettered by WH interference, and we need it NOW!!  At the very least, Nuñes should be fired and replaced with someone who was never a member of Tweetle-Dumb's team.


This is so clumsily done, you have to wonder who the hell thought this was a good idea and who thought this empty eyed dolt was the person to do it. As far as propaganda goes, third rate. Sad.


Several prominent Greens in Europe basically called Stein an idiot for her RT trip, including Russian dissident Greens who were forced to leave their country. This isn't to say Stein actually is an idiot, just to note that she was hardly heralded as a peace hero, more of a useful tool, by European Green counterparts.


I'm still a die-hard 'Bernie Bro', disgusted with both the DamnocRats and the Repooplicans, and I can guaran­tee you I ain't no Russkie plant.*  As O'Bummer stated on January 27, 2010, "The differences between the two major parties are not as great as they are sometimes made out to be."  Ah-yup – they're BOTH utterly corrupt.  And as for that bloviating loudmouth boor Chris Matthews, he should be fired by MSNBC and sent over to Faux News where he belongs.  (Don't forget that his wife is a Clintonista who was - THANKFULLY! - defeated by progressive Jason Kander in last year's DamnocRatic primary.)

* Ignore the double negative - I am NOT a Russkie plant, nor am I a 'Bot.


The NYT reports tonight that Flynn has made a proffer to testify to the Intel committees, in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

One of the worms turns. And a test for your conspiracy theories.


If he's granted immunity by Congress, that may tamper with any potential prosecutions, like in the case of Iran Contra and Oliver North. It would take 2/3rds of the committee to vote in favor of immunity and I hope it doesn't happen.


They've just been pointing out on MSNBC (yeah, sue me) that the committees would need concurrence from ... well, someone at DoJ. With J.Beauregard recused already, not sure who's in charge of it. Ivanka?

And I'm thinking now that Nunes is going to find himself subpeonaed by the Senate committee. 'Just drop by and we'll show you,' indeed.


Why do we need an investigation if we already know what happened?


The last thing we want is immunity for Trump and his buddies.


That's the fear, that the Republicans will grant him immunity, he testifies publicly and maybe takes a hit for it, but taints whatever investigations are going on, whether they have to do with the election, money laundering, both, something else.