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Nuns Take On Wells Fargo


Nuns Take On Wells Fargo

Jim Hightower

In an insightful song about outlaws, Woody Guthrie wrote this verse: “As through this world I travel / I see lots of funny men / Some’ll rob you with a 6-gun / Some with a fountain pen.”

The fountain pens are doing the serious stealing these days.

For example, while you’d get hard time in prison for robbing a bank at gunpoint, bankers who rob customers with a flick of their fountain pens (or a click of their computer mouse) get multimillion-dollar payouts.


I'm with the Nuns! The personal affronts I endured after our little hometown Wachovia was taken over, are what I recall about this heartless bank. One day our bank was full of friends who called us by name...the next we were handled with distance and downright rudeness by the new bank-WellsFargo. The old employees were gone and only one or two joined them and pretended they did not know us. Heartbreaking in a very personal kind of way. Now I want out of their hair. I hate that they support the pipelines, neglecting the fact that people are more important than their hordes of blood money. I stand with the Nuns!


Easy to get out of their hair. Open an account at your local credit union.