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Nurses: Canaries in the Coronavirus Mine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/01/nurses-canaries-coronavirus-mine

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If things don’t markedly improve immediately, nurses should consider staying out. Society is not served when compliance with insane standards kills nurses and doctors. “If we die, you die” one of them summed it up – in terms even a typically selfish USAmerican can understand.


Just as the US law enforcement community held all the cards to renewing the assault weapons ban when the GOP controlled Congress ended the ban during Dubya’s first term, medical professionals hold all the cards to getting M4A into law today.

Had the law enforcement community gone on strike when the ban came up for renewal you would have seen Congress renew it in a New York minute and tens of thousands of lives would have been saved during the past 17 years. Yes, I know first responders are not allowed to strike, but that strike would have lasted mere hours.

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Yes, but you can get the Coronavirus at Starbucks too, just not the $4000 a week plus hazard pay. Other than that ok. Well maybe a few other considerations.

This woman is telling very important truths and she is in danger, and she is illustrating the danger that you are in. Only four comments so far?

She is especially apt when she says, “. . . it should not have happened in the first place.”


Worker’s right! Workers unite!

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And another very important thing: this is one health emergency. What happens if a concurrent emergency arises? And it will. Then what, oh fearful leader? (trump)

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