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Nurses Declare, We Are 'Feeling the Bern'


Nurses Declare, We Are 'Feeling the Bern'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Championing "a president for all people," the National Nurses Union on Monday announced that it is throwing the full weight of its 185,000-member organization behind Senator Bernie Sanders in his bid for president.


All this Berniemania, so early in the cycle, and so little critical analysis of a guy who has helped the Pentagon steal over $400 billion and counting from American workers via the F-35 boondoggle.

Maybe it’s desperation, grasping at straws.

But it seems like a lot of the so-called ‘progressive’ media really is trying to whip up a bandwagon effect, and it seems like a lot of so called posters on media are trying like mad to squelch any real thinking about the candidate.

And the so-called ‘election’ more than a year away.

It’s very cult-of-personality.


Personal attacks against anyone questioning the official narrative. Nice!


I fully understand your warning–this kind of enthusiasm was what many felt when Obama was elected, and we have seen how that turned out. Bernie has his liabilities–his support for the military machine, his too consistent support for Israel regardless of its behavior, his relative silence on the wars (but all candidates are silent about the wars, and also support the machine and Israel too). So, this is what politics is today. But I have decided you have to start somewhere, put your shoulder to the wheel somehow. Bernie’s rhetoric is more specific than Obama’s—the proposals are not a vague promise to change “business as usual” but clearly state his progressive goals. What else can we do but keep our fingers crossed? If Hillary gets it, then we write in Bernie. It’s the beginning of something, and something definitely has to begin.


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" …squelch any real thinking about the candidate." And are you the only poster that has the capacity to think? Bernie has his shortcomings but his beliefs are genuine and he does care about the human condition, which is a far cry from any of the Klown Kar Kandidates and/or Ms. Clinton (talk about supporting MIC, corporations, war-mongering…). Your cynicism is understandable but we must do all we can to right our nation’s sinking ship.


Very nice reply indeed, Bernie has a long record of progressive action that goes way back to the 1960’s. Obama on the other hand was a relative unknown, he was hurried up the ladder maybe because he was an FBI informant at high school and the elite discovered he would make a good phony, but with Bernie that can’t be done.


This is very good for Bernie and all of us. And, I really enjoy this picture of the NNA members. Looks like working America.


You keep getting the sense that Bernie is really going to do it. He keeps attracting big crowds and support as well as endorsements. Love the line where the nurse says that Bernie can speak about issues that concern nurses as well as they can. Bernie actually connects with working people not just pays lip service to the things that concern us.

Go Bernie… for all of us!


I know what you have gone through on these threads today, you need not apologize to anyone. Your reaction is perfectly understandable, I’ve been here, I’ve seen the distortions, the straw men, the red herrings.


From the Guardian:

“When the pollsters said there was a landslide for Bernie Sanders, that didn’t make a lot of sense to me initially given the fact that Hillary Clinton is a woman,” director RoseAnn DeMoro told the Guardian in an interview ahead of the announcement. “I thought it would be fairly balanced, and it’s not.”

DeMoro would not disclose the internal polling numbers but said the three recent surveys represented a “pretty significant sampling” of the union’s members and she was “stunned at the level and depth of enthusiasm for Bernie”.


Of course. You don’t hear Hillary endorsing Single Payer.


It’s very much like the start of a movement.

A lot of progressives who initially supported Obama are so disillusioned they’re unwilling to engage again. It reminds me of the old adage, " A cat that has sat on a hot stove won’t sit on a hot stove again but it won’t sit on a cold one either. "


I just finished watching a segment of Charlie Rose, he had couple of people on discussing the Republican debate…
Now, they spent some time on that then went to talking about Hillary and they just couldn’t seem to praise her speech in New Hampshire enough.My lord they falling over themselves to give her good marks.
But not a single mention of Bernie Sanders.
So, they talked about the top Republican candidates and Hillary, then left Bernie completely out.
It is so obvious you could trip over it.
They know that Bernie does not have the name recognition of Hillary and they aren’t going to give it to him.
We have got to mow them over on this…


" Maybe it is desperation, grasping at straws."

Yes, because Bernie has no chance of the Democratic nomination. Having said that, he would be much better than HRC on domestic issues albeit about the same on foreign policy,