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Nurses on Nevada: Where’s the Outrage Over Widespread Irregularities That Occurred During the Caucuses in February



I agree. Where is the outrage? People want to argue against the behavior of the Bernie supporters. What do they want? More sheeple? Sheeple we are not. Not the Bernie people!!!!


As the stomach turns......the democratic party has all the charm, fineness & scruples of the greatest con artists that ever lived and lied. a fool would only believe they represent all that is right with this process, it stinks more than a dead skunk in the middle of the road.... in august, 95% humidity. closed primaries are the only reason Hillary has high delegate numbers, especially NY (my state) where the fine print tripped up everybody trying to register or change party affiliation. one person, one vote..... and no such thing as 'super' anybody. how ironic by the time the public realizes the entire system is rotten the power in place prevent us from changing it. sure hope we are free from the laws of karma on this one.