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Nurses Rally in Defense of Unions as Supreme Court Prepares to Hear 'Biggest Threat to Organized Labor in Years'


Nurses Rally in Defense of Unions as Supreme Court Prepares to Hear 'Biggest Threat to Organized Labor in Years'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

With the conservative-dominated Supreme Court set to hear a case that poses the "biggest threat to organized labor in years" next week, members of National Nurses United (NNU)—the largest organization of registered nurses in the U.S.—rallied across the country on Thursday to highlight the crucial role of unions in protecting workers from corporate exploitation.


Defend the Unions


Our corporate masters join together to be stronger all the time, they have the US Chamber of Commerce, countless lobbying cabals, and it has allowed them to write most of the legislation since the Reagan devolution.

Anti-union propaganda has been a conscious corporate master strategy forever. Stupid American consumer drones have no concept that everything from 40 hour weeks to paid vacations and pensions were fought for by our great great grandfathers against militarized thugs. If they look to our European friends with stronger unions they would see much shorter work weeks and much longer vacations. Why didn’t this trend continue in America? Effective anti-union propaganda, and drones voting lower wages for themselves, and the rest of us.

Anybody voting Republican or Democrat who isn’t getting 4 weeks of vacation and a living wage on 32 hours labor a week, is voting to get paid way less than they are earning for their masters.

We have European companies paying fair wages in Europe doing well enough to buy up some American corporations. If paying low wages was necessary and good for business how do high wage, tax-paying, Euro companies get to eat American low wage companies?



This case has basically already been decided; the Court will rule in favor of the plutocracy, and against organized labor. This is what I feared most when HRC became the Dem candidate, because I always knew she would lose. The Russians had nothing to do with her loss. She lost because she was the other most reviled candidate in recorded history, and her support for NAFTA and other neoliberal policies made her even more unpalatable than Trump in those crucial Rust Belt states. So now SCOTUS, along with the legislative branch, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Inc. This is a very sad time for labor, and as a nurse I am deeply worried about the future of patient care under even more neoliberalism.


The shortest defined work week in Europe is France at 35 hours. Almost all European full timers work more than 35 hours. No where near 32 hours.


Unions protect the weak, suppress the talented and promote mediocrity. It’s no wonder that even in Europe (see France) smart people are in favor of loosening labors control on employers.


WHILE THE CORPORATE MAINSTREAM MEDIA DISTRACTS THE SHEEP WITH THE ANTI-GUN HYSTERIA…the Republican gagged Supreme Court is about to take away the last pillar of unions, agency fees required of all employees represented by the union, whether members or not.
WHEN are people going to wake up and realize the CORPORATE MSM are NOT LIBERAL and couldn’t give a flying frig about guns or mass shootings or anything other than more profit for the shareholders?!?!

People , you are about to get much poorer so the most venal among you can get even richer. RETURN THE NEW DEAL! FIGHT FOR THE SECOND NEW DEAL!!!


You really don’t want to compare the U.S. with European worker benefits because you could start a riot if Americans realized how badly they are treated by comparison.

See: Documentary Who should we invade next by Michael Moore


And some progressives worked hard to make sure she lost without regard for institutions. Every time I brought the court up here, I was told I was pushing “fear voting.” Well, as we see, there were legitimate reasons to fear.


Hillary lost her integrity with voters, and her capitulations were enough to alienate disenfranchised voters. I do believe she didn’t see this coming and her loss was orchestrated.


Germany is getting better. http://money.cnn.com/2018/02/07/news/economy/germany-28-hour-work-week/index.html


“Union membership rate in 2015 about half the 1983 rate
The number of employed union members has declined by 2.9 million since 1983. During the same time, the number of all wage and salary workers grew from 88.3 million to 133.7 million. Consequently, the union membership rate was 20.1 percent in 1983 and declined to 11.1 percent in 2015.
In 2009, there was a sharp decline in the number of workers overall and in the number of union members. The number of wage and salary workers declined by 4.9 million from 2008 to 2009, and the number of employed union members fell by 771,000. However, the union membership rate was 12.3 percent in 2009, essentially unchanged from 12.4 percent in 2008.” U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS.
Sad to say, but it looks like the plutos are winning.


US nurses are the champions of the US labor movement.

If a democracy functioned as it should, since most people are workers and not capitalists, the government should have a strong, abiding socialist bent.

We find that in most western “democracies” this is not the case.

Therefore most western “democracies” are not really democracies.


Inherited wealth does the same on a much greater scale (exhibit A, your POTUS). Unions are our way of protecting ourselves, which is why inherited wealth wants them gone.


“It’s the union that brings many safety laws in legislation and public regulatory protections. It’s the union dues that fund those efforts,”

That would be good reason (in the warped mind of the Supreme Court) to decide against the unions: regulatory protections are a cost, not a benefit, for the elites that the Supreme Court serves (elites that gave them their jobs).


I didn’t vote for her. I voted for Jill Stein. HRC was destined to lose and I knew that many years ago. I fought so hard for Bernie because I knew she would blow it. Of course she did, with her “deplorables” remark and of course her record of incessant warmongering. She was the absolute worst candiate for the Dems to foist upon the electorate in 2016.


She was nominated in a democratic primary by 4 million more votes than Bernie. He didn’t run a perfect campaign, he made real mistakes. I’ve discussed them here, but “progressives” don’t like that. Like my right wing friends, the pure can never fail, only be failed. Ironically, for all the accusations Democrats are using “Russiagate” to distract from their candidate’s own failings, it’s progressives that absolutely refuse to deal with Bernie’s own problems—ones he’s trying to fix now via the new staff he has retained, closer cooperation with his colleagues, etc.—in the primaries.

You chose to help the Republican get into office, especially if you lived in a swing state. That was what you chose to do, moral babble aside. Enjoy the reality and your role in creating it. Embrace it. You guys did before the election when you were duped into believing—or wanted to believe—Trump was better on “banks,” “healthcare,” and “trade,” arguments I saw on here repeatedly. You will probably do so in 2018, expecting something magic to happen from a right wing government that doesn’t give one shit about what progressives think, blaming Democrats the whole time. Because only Democrats have volition in this world or something.


The usual Dbot bulshite. Chloe and I, among many others, voted our principles instead of our fears. It’s too bad that we didn’t vote the way you wanted, but that’s democracy for you. Maybe next time you’ll have better luck convincing the ones who didn’t vote at all that your crappy party really, really has their best interests at heart and will do what they said they would.


What principles were those? Are they being actuated? I ain’t no genius, but they seem pretty hollow if they result in the dismantling of the EPA, millions losing health insurance, a president that is a living representation of emoluments clause violations, right to work going national via a right wing court, a massive tax giveawayto the privileged, wreckage of the CFPB, and a whole lot of military actions that progressives ignore because the “peace” candidate won.


Between 85-90 MILLION registered voters chose to vote for neither candidate…I wonder why???
The Democrats have repeatedly betrayed the common folk for decades…the Republicans are just plain nuts.