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Nurses Scolded: Not OKAY to Play Hardball with Democrats

Nurses Scolded: Not OKAY to Play Hardball with Democrats

RoseAnn DeMoro

"We have not made a single gain in civil rights without determined legal and nonviolent pressure… It is a historical fact that privileged groups seldom give up their privileges voluntarily." –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter From a Birmingham Jail


RoseAnn, thank you so much for ‘not waiting’ any longer.

#Give Em Hell!


Thank you Roseann for your leadership. ALL of us must play hard-ball with R’Cons as well as DINO corporate-whore Dems like Tony Rendon and many others. Both parties serve wealth and power against the 99% and their lies and obstructionism must not be tolerated!
Bravo to the fighters and those who are waking-up more and more to see that truth - that corporate power is represented by both parties - the only difference being one tells us to our face they will screw us and the other will do the same behind our backs!


You certainly don’t expect those who RUN the Democrats to have any more concern for their constituents than those who RUN the Republicans have for their constituents do you?

The rank and file merely exist to ensure that their “betters” remain in power in government.


Pollin responds to the smears against SB562 :


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:43248”]“After SB 562 passed the California Senate in early June, California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon unilaterally blocked the bill from advancing before a single hearing could be held or a single amendment could be considered.”[/quote] Is there no way that a large number of members could force hearings and a vote in the Assembly?   If not,
is there still time to rewrite SB 562 slightly and put it before California voters as an Initiative??


David Dayen’s book on the foreclosure fraud is exceptional. He follows three citizens who uncover criminal behavior in many aspects of the system. Here is the final paragraph from a review in NYT

But this book is noteworthy for a more fundamental reason. A free-market system works best when people can prove they own what they think they own. Otherwise, our confidence is undermined and policy options in a crisis are limited — not to mention unfair. Banks took advantage of the fact that nobody knew who owned what. And their eagerness to cut corners precluded an idea that could have saved millions of Americans from foreclosure.

David has followed CA health care issue for years and strongly supports single payer, but he is concerned about the strategy and tactics of bringing it about. Here he is a couple of days ago


I subscribe to an email notification that he sends out each week. He writes several articles for different publications.

Here is what he said about the piece above

About the above piece, which came out of an earlier thing I wrote about California’s single-payer effort. I would love to see single payer succeed, as would every single person quoted in my story. There are differing ideas about the strategy to create that success. If you combined CNA’s ability to mobilize support with strong legislative chops and tactics that squeeze politicians instead of giving them an out, it could eventually work. That’s what the story is about.

Here is a link to the earlier piece he wrote and he has been criticized in the comments for being against the CA effort


There is a chance that there will be push back here about these articles


Embarrassingly jaded article. I know I’m a horrible sellout for saying this but this was not a serious bill in any way, shape, or form. It passed the Senate with zero financing mechanisms in place and the bill’s major author is the Chair of the committee whose sole purpose is to study, recommend, and develop language for financing, Appropriations. The only reason it passed at all is because Chairman Lara is Appropriations chair, otherwise its fate would’ve been like the hundreds of go-nowhere showboat measures that grace the capital.

Here’s the real story left out of this article: Chairman Lara plans to run for insurance commissioner. He wants money and foot soldiers. There’s a reason why SEIU and other big unions aren’t behaving like Nurses United’s president and that is why.

To make this bill work, you need waivers from the Feds, voter approved taxes, and voter approved changes to proposition 98. Why doesn’t Nurses United’s “serious” president take that to the voters, spend some money on it, instead of yelling at people? Her union could develop financing measures and put a proposition forward, after all. Because that’s what needs to be done for any chance of success in California even if Lara were to do his job and produce a bill with real financing mechanisms.

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The people who were “concerned” about the lack of financing could’ve actually proposed changes to the bill instead of killing it. There is no excuse for a Single Payer bill to have died in California like this, and the reason is obvious why it did die like this; Single Payer is extremely dangerous to insurance and pharmaceutical companies.


This is the kind of behavior that makes me think so poorly of the Democratic Party. They have the power in California to implement Single Payer and instead of working to create a good bill they set it on fire and proclaim they’re reasonable for setting it on fire. The Democratic Party is a rotten conservative capitalist party that hasn’t a clue what having a spine is; this is more proof they’ll never stand up as a party to rich and their corporations.


Lara Chairs the Senate committee that handles revenues, Appropriations. This was his bill and it’s his committee’s jurisdiction. Since the bill didn’t go to the Fiscal Committee, it was literally his job to develop financing language, not anyone else’s. In the least, his committee could’ve adopted a report to at least guide colleagues on financing options and language, but didn’t. That is not how you pass complex legislation, much less raise revenues that will require popular voter approval.

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I worked in the legislative sphere in the past and really enjoyed that article. Dayen came to the same conclusion as me, but from a slightly different angle. If anybody actually took the time to think through what it means for the sitting Senate Appropriations Chair to read a bill three times and pass it with zero appropriations in it, or even a committee report outlining language for appropriations, they might understand this bill was a showboat measure, nothing more. But some predispositions are just too hard to shake.

[quote=“PonyBoy, post:2, topic:43248, full:true”]“RoseAnn, thank you so much for ‘not waiting’ any longer.   Give Em Hell!”[/quote] AMEN!!!

[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:43248”]"The question remains, ‘will those who control the Democratic Party believe that ‘resistance’ to Trump is enough to win lost voters or do they need to actively promote real populist reforms, like Medicare for All?’ "[/quote] The answer remains, "not likely,"to both parts of the question – mere resistance to Tweetle-Dumb is not enough, nor are Establishment DamnocRats going to promote - or even tolerate - populist reforms.  Just
look at how SB 562 is being stalled by one of the party’s many corporate shills.

[quote=“KC2669, post:14, topic:43248”]". . . this bill was a showboat measure, nothing more."[/quote] If that’s the case, then "We the People need to get a REAL ‘Single Payer’ bill on next year’s California ballot as an Initiative.

        Piss Upon the PlutocRat$
        Overthrow the Oligarch$
        Promote ‘Single Payer’
        And DAMN the DEMS!!!


This comment is what’s called fake news. But if you and your cohorts at SEIU can stop shilling for your partner Kaiser, the leading opponent of it, for a moment, you might want to ask a few patients facing healthcare disaster because of high medical costs or lack of coverage how long they should wait until you find a bill that is acceptable to you (let me guess, never).


Ignoring, of course, a key point in the article above - California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon unilaterally blocked the bill from advancing before a single hearing could be held or a single amendment could be considered.

Rendon aborted the process in the Assembly. If he thought it was incomplete, what was to prevent him and other Assembly members from holding hearings and passing amendments? Or is that not the job of the legislature, why bother electing them at all, or are the only ones who matter to them their corporate donors?


You know that’s going to leave a mark, don’t you?

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You said yourself that you backed this bill in another thread, I provided a link of you saying this which I can provide again, but now say it was never serious. Fact is, you aren’t and you aren’t honest either. You are connected to the Democrats that shelved this bill, you said that you worked on legislation in the California state government for a long time and it is obvious that you maintain contacts with these people. Rendon has received massive amounts of money from insurance and drug companies, his former chief adviser (not the head of the state party, installed by super delegates over the will of the rank and file in a corrupt manner) was a former pharma lobbyist that was paid to lobby against this bill. It is also obvious that Brown didn’t want to be put in a position to veto this bill, and he too has received lots of money from those same interests. He now makes arguments wondering where the money is going to come from when he himself made arguments in decades past explaining how single payer systems would cost less, which they do. There were financial issues to be worked out, but that is the job of people like Rendon and those pushing for this, a process he stopped in its tracks when he did what he did. I am not going to allow you or anyone else to come here time and time again to spread propaganda, which is what you are doing.


The bill originated in Senator Lara’s committee, Appropriations. That’s where it was crafted, where it was read three times, and where the place-holder components to it, financing, were not resolved. What do you think Appropriations does? What do you think it has jurisdiction over? Which committee develops financing language? Ask yourself those questions before you pretend I’m missing something (hint: one thing I know is legislative arcana).

What he did was garbage, and what Nurses United’s president is doing is garbage too. He created a showboat bill with no financing in it, in spite of that task being his committee’s role, then he and his Senate colleagues passed it off to the Assembly. He wanted the credit for single payer, but not the hassle for explaining a 15% payroll tax increase, one of the ideas being floated for it, or the hassle of explaining to voters why several previously passed ballot propositions would have to change in order to make the bill work. You know why? Because he’d likely lose his run for insurance commissioner.

I actually feel sorry for the Speaker. At best, Lara adopted a crap strategy, at worst, he’s trying to dupe people for his next run for office. Serious legislation doesn’t get done that way. Hell, even Republicans have financed their healthcare (crappy) proposals in the competing bills from the House and Senate.


To de-privatize healthcare is the only way to move forward. People before profit has to be firmly established to move forward. Spineless politicians have to bite the bullet and say enough is enough. The insurance and big pharma industries have to be dealt with or there’s no hope for regular folks. Care shouldn’t be the financial ruin of so many good hard working people.