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Nurses Stand in Solidarity With Congressional Women of Color

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/18/nurses-stand-solidarity-congressional-women-color


I formerly resided in Tlaib’s Detroit district, now I’m one district over. She took over from Jon Conyers who represented the district for 52 years, until his sexual harassing drove him out, as it should have.

#metoo notwithstanding, Conyers introduced a Medicare for All bill (HR676) for something like 14 straight years. So Tlaib is absolutely correct to co-sponsor the latest version of MFA – her constituents want her to. And Pelosi and ByeDone can cry about it all they want, but the American electorate want it too, status-quo profiteering big donor gravy train be damned.

My antipathy toward her party is something I wear proudly, but I hope Tlaib serves for 52 years and remains an unapologetic and outspoken advocate for the downtrodden. Her district needs her desperately.


YES —Thank you nurses as you stand in solidarity.

FIRST DO NO HARM is the oath health care people take —and for the man speaking to Congress had the floor. And yet----- another elected one stood and complained about another man speaking the Truth???
Everything that the man who had the floor said------was the Truth. The complaining man was saying that the word," racist, " can’t be said in the record??? Why is that. Trump is a racist —can’t they put “quotes,” into the record?

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