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Nurses Union Demands All 2020 Candidates Establish Strong Sexual Harassment, Pay Equity Policies


Nurses Union Demands All 2020 Candidates Establish Strong Sexual Harassment, Pay Equity Policies

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Responding to allegations of gender discrimination and sexual harassment from some people who worked on Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) 2016 presidential campaign, National Nurses United (NNU)—which endorsed the senator's bid for president—is calling on all candidates in the 2020 race "to establish strong, mandatory rules to protect staffers and volunteers from all forms of sexual harassment, and to ensure pay equity for all paid campaign staff."


An important issue to be sure, but the way the media has covered this is absurd. The NY times, for example, had a hack article where it on the one hand said that Bernie was not aware of this, but then said that it could none the less make it so that he couldn’t run. The article also had quotes from people that trotted out that Bernie bro nonsense, which turned out to be propaganda that came from Brock, and turned out to be baseless. An obvious coordinated campaign by hacks like Tanden and Brock. We know from the leaks how they work with their friends in the media with stuff like this. Again, a real issue that should be addressed, and it makes sense to address it first with the most progressive person that will likely run, but the media has been typically horrible in covering this. This media is the capitalist version of Pravda.


Let’s see. The Clintonistas/DNC back a candidate whose husband was linked to all sorts of sexual shenanigans and who blamed the women, in some cases ( cue Tami Wynette- " Stand by Your Man " ), for his violent behavior towards his many victims. And, has been peripherally linked to-well, that is Brock’s game and Sandernistas don’t need to play in his gutter, any more.
Now, through a guilt by association stretch Spider Man would applaud, the same two-faced DNC lackeys suggest in sympathetic media outlets that this is a disqualifer for a POTUS primary run? RU4 REAL? Who’s zooming who, here?
The apology by Sen.Sanders for the behavior of people who he may not even know, for something he says he was not told of and is not personally accused of doing, and his earnest pledge to deal with this serious issue in an upfront manner should satisfy the critics of his campaign organization in 2016. But it probably won’t because there’s at least one other agenda trying to gain traction here.
That other agenda, of smearing and fragging the progressive/left center candidates with Nixonian dirty tricks, is a dangerous gambit for The Bankster-Corporate Washington Establishment. The Establishment of The Uniparty and MSM will try to impose their candidates on progressives before one vote is cast in the primaries. Hello!!
Many of us could of been born at night, but it sure as shit wasn’t last night.