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Nursing Wounds With Music


Nursing Wounds With Music

Taking a break with these jubilant street kids in Uganda as they lip-sync, get down and act out against police repression to the new song "Anti-Kale" by Ugandan pop star Spice Diana. The singer was recently arrested and beaten by their infamously abusive police; afterwards, she lamented, "Why should we be treated like strangers in our own country?” No thanks to Google translate, you have to coax out the story from the video. Still, the triumphal kids kill it.


Sweet music with a good vibe. The kids are great.
Unfortunately, aggressive authoritarianism is a worldwide problem that few nations have escaped.


Creative and wonderful. Thanks very much.


Fabulous! It is always how we respond isn’t it after all?


Kids farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr out!!!


What a Fricken BLAST !!!

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