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Nutritionists Slam Coca-Cola Funded Scientists Over Deceptive Soda Message


Nutritionists Slam Coca-Cola Funded Scientists Over Deceptive Soda Message

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Coca-Cola is funding influential scientists pushing a message that diminishes the role of junk food and sweetened beverages in the obesity crisis—a partnership that has drawn the ire of nutritional experts since it was highlighted earlier this week.


I would classify Americans as ignorant, not particularly stupid in general. They just have the worst educational system in the industrial world and are incredibly gullible and easily manipulated…sort of like medieval serfs.


My friend provided healthcare to people on a small island where scarce water was shipped in. He would sadly tell that they drank Coca Cola and other soft drinks instead, were uniformly obese and their teeth were rotted.


JonnyJames wrote:

‘Mmm. carbonated water, high fructose genetically modified corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial color, chemical preservatives… What’s not to like about this healthy and nutritious product?’

Considering that the original formulation contained about 4.3 milligrams of cocaine/6 fl. oz. (from Peruvian coca leaves), posessing the current recipe won’t get you arrested.


Clearly there are no dumb or clever races. Pretty much all humans are vulnerable to advertising and other propaganda. We are looking at the spectacular success of a science called psychology. Like all science, it is being used against you, by those with the money. The money knows how to manipulate most of us. It works, and works well.


Hoping we’ll swallow anything


I have drastically curtailed consumption of carbonated beverages for health reasons and especially steer away from the cola beverages and those with caffeine and caramel color.
I see too much obesity in the locality where I live - and it ain’t pretty, people. Lots of missing, rotten teeth, too.

Brings new meaning to the term “coke heads.”


Perhap s/he was answering the question of what’s not to like by indicating a lack of the ‘fun’ factor that once was a part of the beverage.


I haven’t used anything from Coke or Pepsi for forty years. And today I wouldn’t drink anything from them (including their water) or any version of “GatorAde” if I were paid to do so…


As well, corporations are allowed to invade schools, providing Coke and other healthy products in return for cash. Nobody needs carbonated drinks, or bottled water in a modern democracy(!) with good tap water.


Well, your post is proof positive of your own assertion since such a simplistic comment (part of the Tag Team assembly tasked with “blaming ignorant Americans, and/or sheeple” at every turn) demonstrates your lack of understanding for how mass media makes use of mesmerizing tools to massage unconscious desires in viewers. Intelligence is not the issue.

Your stance (the one preferred by soldier boys) is that whomever is strong enough to dominate deserves that status. That’s why rather than holding power to account–and this IS Christian in that it follows the parable: That he (or she) who is given the most has the most expected of him/her–you demonize and denigrate those on its receiving end. In this way, it is not the slick advertisers who use gorgeous men and women to push their product who are at fault. No, it’s those viewers who see these images, ones that become recorded on their psyches, and wish to BE those happy people.

You are a shill for Charter Schools and have USED the article’s focus on COKE to push your own nefarious, right wing Libertarian (anti-public school) construct.


As usual, SR, your responses abrasive, nasty and off the mark. If your comments weren’t so asinine, I would invest time in responding to your non-points.


A class action lawsuit against Coca Cola for causing obesity, tooth decay, diabetes, heart disease and all accompanying costs is long overdue.

Soda pop is as bad as smoking. Big Tobacco used nicotine to addict people. Coca Cola uses caffeine and sugar for that.