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Nuts and Beatles


Nuts and Beatles

Christopher Brauchli

My object all sublime,
I shall achieve in time-
To let the punishment fit the crime.

—Sir William Schwenk Gilbert, The Mikado


Found my reading rhythm hit a bump with the phrase 'justice system'. Found myself wanting to be reading the 'US Judiciary'. In the long run both are probably workable - but possibly 'working' different things. 'Justice system' seems to be more encompassing, inclusive of the influence of money and political ideology. US Judiciary' seems to hone my focus on the Judiciary itself, the ethics specific to the structure of that branch which should be held accountable for the 'system' from the local/locality of entry into judicial consideration all the way up to the SCOTUS. Theres also something in there about a more specific honing of focus on the separation of the branches and the wildly loose and manipulable campaigning of bench sitters. Funny how when its put that way, a bench sitter in sports is one thing...


I know they played in Hamburg which is in Germany where Volkswagens are made...
Or was this Sir William Schwenk Gilbert guy the fifth member?


The Beatles were a rock band in Britain during the 1960s.

The VW cars that made the company successful are called Beetles.

(sighs and rolls eyes)


The Beatles first went to Germany, without Ringo, they had that other drummer Richard whatever...went back to Liverpool, Ringo joined the band and Bingo history was made...no need to roll eyes, just know history...so ya, nuts and Beatles


"The Fool on the Hill" pretty much gets a "Ticket to Ride", which makes me "Twist and Shout": "There's a Place" for "Revolution."


Thanks for all the trivia I'd forgotten :-))) the amazing thing about Ringo is he never lifts his sticks, it's always a shuffle, love to watch him play, I've spoken to many a drummer who say he can't be imitated because of that, not a bit like John Densmore of the Doors or Mick Fleetwood...I sure miss John and George though, very real hero's for me. Peace


It was only on the second recording of "Love Me Do" that White played. Ringo did everything after that, so most of "Please Please Me" the album is Ringo. Some of the single were actually the first recording with Ringo, but later they are with White. The track on "Please Please Me" is White and you can hear Ringo playing tambourine.


Yes, Yes...did you Mick is disleksic (can't spell) and really can't keep a beat?, if you listen very carefully he never repeats a beat, he can't, it's in his autobiography, a great read by the way. But still all in all Ringo is my favorite, unless you get into jazz :-)))


VW and the betel.....makes me want to spit.....sorry, but I'm a Limey and I take the mustard.