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NY AG Launches Probe Into Whether EpiPen Maker Scammed Schools


NY AG Launches Probe Into Whether EpiPen Maker Scammed Schools

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

After stirring national outrage over its alleged price gouging of emergency allergy drug EpiPen, pharmaceutical giant Mylan is under fire once again for potentially violating anti-trust laws by inserting "potentially anticompetitive terms" into its EpiPen sales contracts to schools.


" . . . blasted last week by a group of 20 lawmakers . . . ."

Did this group include Senator Joe Manchin, the Mylan CEO's daughter?


Again, until Martin Shkreli, and Heather Bresch are doing a mandatory sentence of at least 10 years plus in a general population prison. Where they have to face the family members that they left for dead, so they Shkreli, and Bresch could collect their blood money. If not, It's business as usual.


Anything to make a buck...regardless of how many lives (with children at the most risk) are lost in the process. Where is the sanity, compassion, loving-kindness? Certainly nowhere to be found at Mylan. May her (Ceo) head be handed to her on a platter as she is shoved out the door. (She is not making her father very proud with this dispassionate move on her and her company's part.) One would hope that the BoD would be concerned but they are also too busy in their basement counting rooms stacking their money from ill-gotten gains.




Violations of anti-trust laws are ubiquitous these days. It's about time corporations were prosecuted for these heinous and illegal acts.


They do all of this knowing they are going to raise the price of these pens once they have everything in place...Sounds like fraud and greed.....But lets not hinder the free market priceless right?....I mean competition will prevail...or err opps there is not really any competition....Sounds rigged contrived what ever....Time to reign in these drug lords of generic medicine they think it is a potential gold mine and it will be if our lawmakewrs dont get this free market bs out of their minds.....Dont look for help on the republican side and a lot of democrats eat out of that same money bowl....I am sure they will all act concerned but in the end Mylan will continue to rob us because of profits that are shared with lawmakers campaigns and future prospects.


Manchin has always had a tenuous relationship with the truth (three times it took to convince autocorrect that I did not mean machine). He seems to be one of those half Democrat/half Republican critters, and has a history of using his office, whether governor or senator, to enhance his own family's fortunes. He attacked WVU for stating the truth about his daughter Heather's lie about her MBA, and borrowed from his campaign a large amount of money to bail out his brother's carpet business. It was never paid back.

That his daughter is an amoral narcissist, if not a sociopath, is not a surprise.