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NY Attorney General Files Federal Lawsuit, Demanding Trump and DeJoy Reverse 'Authoritarian' Changes Made to USPS

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/25/ny-attorney-general-files-federal-lawsuit-demanding-trump-and-dejoy-reverse


Destroying the Post Office is a classic shock-doctrine twofer: permanently impoverishing US Americans, while depriving us of the franchise to boot. Court action could work if the judiciary weren’t rotten to the core, which it largely seems to be, already. We’ll see.


In their face with a court ordered warrant for their arrest is the only logical thing to do. Save the USPS! Peace


Here is how a perogi progressive works around to be certain that all mailed requests for ballots and ballots themselves are delivered to homes and back to the county election board.

  1. requests for the application may be made in person (with mask) at the county election office. fill it out at this office if allowed or leave, fill out and return it in person. Some states have auto approval for us ancients.
  2. request by phone. The office mails it to you. Return in person or by mail if time allows. Make sure grandma in assisted living gets her request in and ballot too.

Now we get to getting your ballot to the county election board.
3) deliver in person
4) mail
4a) County election board sets up post office box at each post office in their county. A dem and rep person team, paid or volunteer, visit each post office and collect all the ballots that post office has received in the past day. Notice that the ballots do not leave the post office building at all - to go to a sorting regional facility, for example. This may require a wink and a nod.
4b) the ballots at the county election board are sorted by precinct and clerks mark their poll ledgers.
If a voter changes their mind, they can vote in person on election day and the former absentee ballot is voided…

This end around play requires the co-operation of the USPS employees to retain the applications and later the ballots for pick up by the county election board employees or volunteers. Some areas may have complete cooperation from U.S. Postal Service for voting.

Here is thinking that the postal workers union can get er done !!

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