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NY Attorney General to Trump Foundation: Stop Raising Money Now


NY Attorney General to Trump Foundation: Stop Raising Money Now

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Citing violation of state law, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's office on Monday said that it ordered the Trump Foundation to immediately stop raising money.


Schneiderman, always the good Democrat, could convince me that he was using the law in a nonpartisan way if he also shut the Clinton Foundation down.


Trump so incompetent he can't manage his own org's legal paperwork.


It's about time we are getting to peer behind the screen and see what is really going on in Trump world. This arrogant man who has the audacity to run for president even though he knows almost nothing about the issues that the US has to deal with clearly believes he is above the law. Imagine if he were actually president. We see this same pattern over and over. He used other people's money in the foundation to pay for his own personal things and made donations to charity appear to be his money when it wasn't. Trump University was also also run without seeking accreditation from New York State and apparently people were signed up on a fraudulent basis. He even evaded the Cuban embargo with a money laundering schemes. This is is country of laws and nobody should be above those laws. The New York Attorney General is serving the people of his state well by looking into this foundation.


Agreed, but failure to file basic paperwork is sort of a no-brainer. One can expect the Clinton's to have at least done this. And if, after the reports, Schneiderman hadn't gone after Trump, what names for him then? I'd say this was a clear example of "damned if you do and damned if you don't."