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NY Chief Judge Announces Reforms to State's "Intolerable" Bail System



Hopefully this is a real beginning to further reforms of many aspects of our national and NY criminal "justice" system! Police brutality, culture of extreme unjustified violence, what are actually police executions of many people armed or not, guilty of anything or not, and the treatment of people, especially young people in our often for-profit prisons, who are treated as objects to be processed, not human beings worthy of justice or decency.

Take the case of Kalief Browder who "was sent to Rikers Island when he was 16 years old, accused of stealing a backpack. Though he never stood trial or was found guilty of any crime, he spent three years at the New York City jail complex, nearly two of them in solitary confinement".

I believe Kalief's unbelievable case of neglect and abuse is only the tip of the iceberg for tens of thousands abused by a system that coddles the wealthy and victimises and abuses the poor and people of color!

Kalief Browder committed suicide after he lost all hope for an end to his unjust, unjustifiable, criminal incarceration! Has ANY person been held responsible for the horror of his experience?


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Prisons should be returned to public oversight, not a source of profiteering by private prison corporations.....

When we profit from our abuse of others, the humanity of the situation is truly lost.
This produces some of the worst in our society..

"If we are serious about getting rid of greed, anger and ignorance in ourselves, we must inquire how we actively or passively take part in perpetuating the three poisons in society. Once we see the interconnections, we can work simultaneously on our own spiritual development and to dismantle the structural violence in society" (Sulak)