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NY Democrat 'Better at Being a Texas Senator Than Ted Cruz': AOC Spends Weekend Raising Millions, Delivering Aid

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/22/ny-democrat-better-being-texas-senator-ted-cruz-aoc-spends-weekend-raising-millions


Cruising to be a complete ass hooooole! May your karma be swift and long lasting. Peace

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This is an easy lift for AOC as the GOP has set the bar so low for so many years that you don’t reach up for the bar, you dig down to it…deep !

The last time the GOP did anything constructive was when POTUS Ford rescued the northeastern US railroads when Conrail was formed in 1976…the GOP has been characterized by serial obstruction, decriminalization of “white collar crime” and expanding corporate welfare ever since.


AOC did the “People’s” work raising money for those in need.

All that Cruz raised was our collective blood pressure.


If it wasn’t for “bad karma” he wouldn’t have no karma at all.

Some Texans who signed on for the variable rate program are paying the price now. They enjoyed cheap rates previously. I doubt they complained then. Damn, that’s why you were given the choice. Now hold up your end of the bargain.
But If the utility is out of line sue them.
If someone wants to subsidize them, go for it.

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Hats off to AOC and everyone who has contributed. We are all pointing the way to a better way of living.

As for the GOP:

The Republican Party was born on the legacy of “Honest Abe,” and shall perish on the “rot” of which is Donald Trump. Everything good ole Abe was Donald is not! Neil J.Smith, ~neiljsmith.com


I hope she has a long and fruitful career making asses of the GOP.


Surely they can do that all by themselves.

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Sometimes I wonder if most Progressives truly know that Abe Lincoln was what was essentially a 3rd Party candidate who took the White House.

Its a little bit of a stretch, but not much. By 1860, the Republicans had already supplanted the Whig Party as the other Major Party. So, they really were not a 3rd Party in 1860. But that was only because they had already won their fight to take the place of the Whigs in opposing the pro-slavery Democrats.

Just a few decades before, the Abolitionist movement was a handful of people seen as crackpots handing out pamphlets on street corners. By 1860, this popular movement based on the moral belief that slavery was wrong had supplanted one of the two major parties in the nation, and taken the White House and the Congress.

And yes, today’s QOP is about as much of a complete opposite from the Abolitionists as can be imagined. A party that demands unlimited, oppressive power for the State is very different from a party that demands that the State use its power to free people from oppression. The notion of Abe Lincoln as a member of today’s QOP is ludicrous. Its hard to picture Abe in any modern political party. But I can picture Abe as a lawyer fighting to defend people like the Plowshares protestors or the Keystone or Line 3 protestors. Today’s QOP would smear Abe as Antifa’s attorney.


AOC on the mark again!


Not so sure about that. The one black mark of Honest Abe was his hanging of indigenous people justly fighting for their lands and lives.






Ted Fled. but Cornyn is MIA, can we send texas state troopers to do a welfar check on his absent *ss?

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Spot on, Giovanna! I so appreciate your thoughtful, well researched posts!
Another reference to add: Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne. An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States. 2014. Beacon Press, Boston.

Sadly, w/regard to any U. S. president, one doesn’t get to that office without selling a substantial part of his soul (I can only hope to add “/her” to that possessive before I leave here), if you had any to begin with. Yet likely Lincoln was pretty much top-of-the-barrel for this imperialist, racist, genocidal nation, just a pathetic statement on this nation’s “greatness” and exceptionalism.

Ted: Too little, too late! You have unmasked yourself.

If I squint hard enough, I can almost see a future where strong, compassionate, ethical, resilient, courageous, and supremely patriotic women fill the upper echelons of U. S government – and fulfill the humanitarian potential of a nation so torn asunder by avarice, hate, greed, criminal negligence, and injustice. I can see that such grace and compassion might also transcend all hateful resistance across the globe, fostering almost overnight a pandemic collective conscience of cooperation, communication, and collaboration, a manifestation of a truly miraculous shift of consciousness throughout a vast proportion of humanity. Then my alarm goes off. Sigh.

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“…Texas Republicans plan to use federal funds to assist the state’s residents with skyrocketing power bills…” Did I read that correctly? Texas is going to use federal relief money to pay outrageous power bills being leveled at people? So the penalty for price gouging by the utility companies is that they will be paid by the federal government instead of by consumers? Privatizing profits and socializing losses strikes again. Ten percent of that money will probably be used by the utility companies as donations to the campaigns of the Republicans responsible for this boondoggle while another ten percent goes to CEO bonuses for all the profits they just made.


Nancy Pelosi raises money for political power----AOC raises money to help the COMMON people.

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It should become the next big spectator sport. We could call it “Jape a GOP.”

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“…Texas Republicans plan to use federal funds to assist the state’s residents with skyrocketing power bills and home repair costs.”

So, in other words, the GOP’s plan is to go socialist again to assist Corporate America to gain its ill-gotten loot instead of investigating these profiteers for corruption and gouging.