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NY Governor Sounds Warning After Radioactive Water Leaks from Indian Point Nuclear Plant


NY Governor Sounds Warning After Radioactive Water Leaks from Indian Point Nuclear Plant

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Radioactive water has reportedly contaminated the groundwater surrounding the Indian Point nuclear power plant, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday.

A statement issued from Cuomo's office reported evidence that "radioactive tritium-contaminated water leaked into the groundwater" beneath the facility, which sits on the bank of the Hudson River, just 25 miles north of New York City in Buchanan.


Peaceful nuclear application–'til it ain’t.


Another case that shows nuclear is not the answer.


The contamination of groundwater around Indian Point has been known for years! The multiple threats from this deadly nuke plant complex must be stopped NOW!

Andy Cuomo should take action NOW on protecting NY, our priceless Hudson River and 20 million people living within a 50 mile radius of the “most dangerous nuclear plant in the US”, rather than wait until forced as is his usual smarmy MO.

The potential catastrophic consequences of a gas explosion of AIM 42" high-pressure gas pipeline astonishingly approved by FERC to run about 100 feet from nuclear infrastructure has so-far been predictably ignored by the DINO Cuomo and “Chuck” Schumer - some of the best politicians money can buy! Safety data and consequences have been omitted, ignored or fabricated by proponants of the pipeline and government “regulators” - truth is those “regulators” work for the industries they supposedly regulate - all BS! http://sape2016.org/ - get the fact on the AIM pipeline threats!



modus operandi — a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established.

That is to say…Keep Lying until the populace attention is diverted elsewhere.


Entergy needs to spend more on Duct Tape and Bailing Wire.


You might try giving your cutesy ‘me first, me first’ little posts a bit more thought sometimes.

The leak is still peaceful application (civilian use) of nuclear however … it is not safe application.

“Safe civilian nuclear – 'til it ain’t – and then it is too late.”


Let’s just agree to say that your definition of peaceful and mine are not the same. --signed the planet’s occupants


See? Yeah okay. Your definition huh? Peace as opposed to war. This is silly. You don’t accept criticism and you’re always trying to be first just to be first which is infantile and is neither peaceful, sharing, progressive or adult (despite your age).

Grow up.


Please define war. War on ________?


Please lump it all together and make it easier for the pronuclear crowd to dumb down people about civilian and military nuclear.

This is unhealthy, not safe, negligent, irresponsible and I believe unconscionable but it is very much peaceful use of nuclear. Nuclear is not safe and that includes peaceful use… as we see.

Say it like it is and educate instead always trying to be cutesy. You getting silly because you hurry to be first in as many threads as possible. Geez … grow up.


Many feel that it is okay to have a broken and malfunctioning nuke plant in your neighborhood… just not in their neighborhood.

I had a corporate lawyer uncle who was pro nuclear long ago, always insisting that they were safe. I asked him whether he wanted to live near a nuclear plant.

The SOB looked at me and smiled before saying. “I’ll tell you because we are family but no I would not want to live near a nuclear plant. They aren’t that safe and I can afford not to have to.”


Been in G-Tunnel before most anyone heard of it. If you think I am a fool, so what? Do the Goolgle Earth thing on the NTS (Nevada Test Site); look at the pock marks. It ain’t pretty.

What does Whiteman AFB mean to you? Have you been there?


Activists have been trying to close the two aging Indian Point nuclear power plants for probably at least 40 years (a third one without a containment dome was shut down many years ago). Locating nuclear power plants within the NYC metropolitan area of more than 20 million people makes no sense. Not only are the nuclear cores a potential threat but so is the large amount of high-level radioactive waste stored at the site.


Could you deal with the silliness - me first, me first cutsey quickie posts with this sudden burst of rationality and sober gravitas?

Tell me after this post about how serious you are will you then go back to the cutsey comments, just to keep trying to be first again…lol

Like that post about "Politics makes strange Bedouin fellows. Your cutseyness is getting pretty stale. Children always want to be first. Are you entering your second childhood now?


While we are paying all our attention to fossil fuels and their impact on global warming, we are not only forgetting the much more long term scourge of uranium’s radio activity, but many countries are playing into it by switching to nuclear power generation.

Long after the planet will have reclaimed the greenhouse gas balance, uranium will still contaminate it.
The half life of Uranium-238 radiation is 4 1/2 billion years!!! Uranium-234: 245,000 years!
In other words, when our planet is twice as old as it is now, the uranium we mine of the former kind now will be only half depleted; the latter will take the same time span, which has lasted since before the the dinosaurs emerged!

There is a good reason, why Germany plans to close all their nuclear plants by 2022. But fear not, they are also combating the, in the long run, much smaller danger to the planet: Fossil fuels. They are on pace to generate 78% of all their energy from renewable sources, a figure, they have already achieved on one day last September, when weather was particularly cooperative


As I understand it the pipeline is now under construction. Activists are calling for the construction to be halted.


I had problems this weekend with a water heater. It must be replaced. The man I call to help with those sorts of things explained that the FLUX of temperatures–here in Florida, it’s been literally jack-knifing between 80 degrees and 35 degrees (for weeks)–affects the pipes.

I wonder if the same could be true of those aging pipes in N.Y.?

After all, they had a very mild December and then a giant snowstorm followed.

As Harvey Wasserman has pointed out in the past, these plants are beyond their intended “expiration date.” Many get stamps of renewal due to their owners’ political clout and seldom is enough money invested in maintenance.

Like the pipelines (carrying oil) that break on a regular basis, typically it’s only AFTER the fact that the “storm troopers” are brought it.

The thing about water is that it doesn’t remain in one spot. The radiation will permeate the soil and be dispersed via rain.


This is a very naïve stance.

The populace doesn’t want TIPP or TPP… that hardly means these items won’t pass.

The populace didn’t want the big banks to be bailed out. But guess what happened?

In the run-up to the war against Iraq, millions protested but that didn’t stop the War Machine.

So let’s stop pretending that people KNOWING about an issue is the same thing as something therapeutic actually taking place to correct it.

In just about every major issue from portraying Snowden as a traitor to who should lead this nation, there are millions of people who SEE and KNOW the truth, and millions who do not.

Nonetheless, our government is no longer being governed by The People; nor do their views factor into policies. And this has been proven and published AS the “Page and Gilens Study.”

There is always some chump who takes whatever happens and turns it around not into a fault of a particular corporation or specific empowered entity… but rather into a generic indictment of all citizens.

THAT is a false Talking Point and it’s used to HIDE actual agents of would-be accountability.


Yes - It should be everyone’s concern that the gas infrastructure being forced on communities regardless the dangers is from fracking operations, themselves a danger to citizens, farmlands. water resources and air quality - the gas is largely for export as well, threatening American’s for the profit of a few. ENOUGH!

"Construction of Spectra Energy’s dangerous, 42″ diameter, high pressure AIM gas pipeline is underway only 105 feet from critical structures at the Indian Point nuclear power facility. The pipeline is next to two large earthquake fault lines and would intersect high voltage electrical lines that issue stray currents and can corrode the pipeline.

  • Spectra’s AIM pipeline would transport huge quantities of fracked methane gas through our region and to New England and Canada for export.
  • Nuclear power and pipeline safety experts warn that a pipeline rupture next to Indian Point could cause a catastrophic scenario similar to the Fukushima nuclear disaster where plant operators were unable to cool reactors and highly radioactive spent fuel due to loss of power. It could result in more than 20 million people who live and work within the 50 mile radius, as well as the air, water and land to be exposed to radioactive fallout. Safety experts, public officials and the public have insisted on a comprehensive and independent risk assessment but it was never conducted."

Info on this can be found here.