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‘NY Times’ Uses Old Tricks to Distort Israel’s Latest Attacks on Gaza


‘NY Times’ Uses Old Tricks to Distort Israel’s Latest Attacks on Gaza

James North

Once again, Israel has launched attacks on the open-air prison called Gaza. Once again, the New York Times has distorted its coverage to try and reduce Israel’s guilt.


All the news that’s shit to print…#NeverNYT

(I think that’s how one does it–I’m not a Twit.)


A more sincere slogan

“All the news that’s printed to fit”


I hope, maybe, that I live to see the day when Israel and individuals are prosecuted, tried, and convicted for war crimes… and punished severely.


Does any serious thinking person rely on the NYT for his or her information?

Fooled once, shame on the NYT…fooled twice, shame on ourselves


I think the answer is yes. Times subscriptions are way up since Trump was elected. Whatever you think of the NY Times can you name a better American newspaper?


The NYT has almost always been a willing shill and tool for Israeli propaganda - a de facto Israeli tool that serves Israeli oppression and mass killings of Palestinians, supremacist beliefs and mythology - and pre-meditated, premeditated territorial expansionism and colonization of The Occupied territories illegal under International Law - all such distortion of, suppression of, and manipulation or “management” of truth by the NYT so-called journalists - propaganda reflecting the premeditated mixing of “religion” and state…or “religion” and claimed “truth tellers”…“all the news that’s fit to print” made a mockery by tools of racist Israel!.

The Grey Lady has succumbed, to become a propaganda rag and tool of Israeli lies, racism, and deceit, while the racist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and Palestine is ignored or twisted to the pro-Israel narrative.

This kind of contempt for truth is often the consequence when “religion” is (intentionally) mixed with a states governance or agenda…which is why religion and state are often mandated to be separate - that the religious mythology and various beliefs of religion should not dictate to the secular population, other ethnicity’s or beliefs.

The “Jewish” state is an Apartheid state! BDS!


Israel is a pernicious violator of human rights and and a hostile invader/occupier of a neighboring country. The United States is complicit for its unwavering support for, and arming of, Israel’s violations. Both countries should be sanctioned by the United Nations.


And it’s not just the Times. It’s the entire lib/lprog media establishment and the imperial academies that produce the refined lib/prog product. For more on this, see below. This is from the concluding paragraph:

There’s no bigger problem in the United States today than the citizenry’s widespread mis-education into political gullibility, not to say stupidity, and it’s the height of foolishness to think this is only a problem of Republicans and rightists, of those who read Breitbart and not those who read The New Yorker, or of those who finish their education at high school and not those who get it finished off at one of the higher academies of the empire.

– Jim Kavanagh



The New York Times is the ‘jounalistic’ version of the Dem party.

Corporate as hell,
pro war,
a puppet of Israel,
right of center,
and portraying themselves as your only alternative.

Put faith in either and you’re a fool.


There’s nothing wrong with Jewish discrimination. It is discrimination against Jews, Antisemitism that is wrong. Native Palestinians should get out of Israel/ Palestine so that the Jews can have it and if they don’t, they should be ethnically cleansed - it’s obvious: how else could a State for Jews be established in a land occupied by non-Jews? - about 80% non-Jews at its inception. Right from the inception the Palestinians were opposed to being displaced. How else can Jews settle peaceably in the West Bank and East Jerusalem without getting rid of the Palestinian owners there? The Palestinians should just leave and forfeit any claim to their disposed land - the Jews of Israel just want to live in peace. The Palestinians won’t even recognize Israel is now a Jewish State, for Jews as God intended, no longer for them. Jews have suffered enough – look at the holocaust. Here in he US we should all sacrifice to aid this process. of ethnic cleansing.