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NY to Become 20th State to Explicitly Protect Transgender People from Harassment and Discrimination



Number of states offering this same protection to women? NONE.


Yes, I've noticed that women did not yet earn the Equal Rights Amendment.

I do believe that all people should be protected. But, does the recognition of biological sex as an identity undermind all women's rights?

Women are not an identity. It is a bio sex.

If transgender are under 1% of the population why are all these LGBTQ laws put in place that actually cause born women to lose protected rights?


Excellent question! Why is Caitlin Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair?


Have you heard? Jenner is going to be on the cover of Glamour magazine now.

Because? Rich, white, male transvestite who is attracted to women and keeps the peen? Jenner is also Republican, sworn enemies to homosexual rights.


Oh, and, since when is a sexual fetish display a civil right? Jenner has an erotic relationship to his "feeling like a woman"....and, they also never answer how much pornography they view to get the feelz on being womanly. Hypersexualized BS, not homosexual rights, fetish rights.