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NYC Bar Association Calls on Trump's AG William Barr to Recuse Himself—or Resign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/23/nyc-bar-association-calls-trumps-ag-william-barr-recuse-himself-or-resign


Morally neutered, the Trump AG weighs in.


Just lock him up!


Can’t we play with him a while

It was SO Pleasant to watch Mitchell and Agnew twist in the wind before they were forced from office.

When one lies all the time, it is a short game.


I’m looking forward to the headlines: Barrdisbarredisbarredisbarred…


This is Big, this is understated. The implications are of a grand scale. Think of it as 25,000 of your kind turned their backs on you because you suck. That’s a lot of people who under normal conditions would have your back. Your tribe just shit on you Barr, oh my.


I’m a bit surprised that Barr is so readily skirting the edges of propriety by being so actively involved in Trump and Rudy’s obsession with finding out if Obama and Hillary somehow colluded to sic the FBI on Trump over the Russia interference in 2016. That just seems weird. And he’s chasing leads supplied by George Papadopoulis, convicted liar, in Italy, England, Australia – there’s already a guy running the inquiry, why is Barr up to his ass in helping?

I’m curious to see where this leads.

And on the tax return thing, Michael Cohn, Trump’s lawyer has testified under oath to paying two porn stars in secret during the 2016 campaign to avoid having to declare a campaign contribution. They have the checks. They have the women who cashed them. They have one of the women telling the world exactly why they were paid off. That this is somehow above the law is beyond belief.


While it is absurd to expect Barr to do anything based solely on ethics, this article does have to hurt. To all but be called unethical and crooked must be painful at some level for anyone involved in legal affairs, but that is what they are saying about Barr.

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I have trouble with Trump and Rudy and Barr and with the Hillary too. Sorry, but all that film flam with emails on her home computer and her assistants husband’s computer----I think all of them should go. They are like Ebola and multiply rapidly—


Recusing himself or resigning would require a level of personal integrity Barr dosen’t have.
He won’t do either. He’s Opus Dei and thinks he’s on a mission from god.


Good to see the NYC Bar Association craft and print a statement declaring AGBarr’s need to recuse himself from this inquiry but now they will need to press themselves into action. Congress can’t be expected to do anything because they never do and who else will take action? Claims of malfeasance without consequence is worthless and just makes for more dank darkness in the putrid public political scene.


I can take a guess. It will lead where it usually leads. No where. People pop up and talk tough and then that’s the end of it. I’m so sick of chest-beating. When it comes to actually having to do something? Silence. They do nothing of substance. It’s all just theatrics. As I’ve said before, most people seem absolutely terrified of this despicable regime. And there’s at least 4+ more years of it because I don’t see the current White House occupant going anywhere. Is there any reason to have some charade called an “election” in 2020? I mean, he’s “above the law” so when one is dealing with that dictatorial, fascistic mentality, he may be in that position until he dies. And since Pence is already (unofficially) in the same position with him as a “co-president,” little would change.


Actually, I was referring to being curious about where the Durham/Barr inquiry of the FBI Russia probe of 2016 was going.

That said, your guess about the overall Trump inquiry ending up being little more than theatrics is probably a good one. But many voters base their votes on theatrics. It’s easier than thinking.

Another mugly other.

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Speaking of dictators and fascists:

Diss Barr.


Is he STILL dead?

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Agree. Wasn’t Barr involved in the Iran Contra cover up as well? Seems he has been covering crimes for presidents for awhile now.


Yes he was. He orchestrated getting Reagan and Poppy Bush (and others) off teh hook on Treason. THAT is why Trump hired him. He’s the Fixer


Mr. Barr’s Performance

*Despite this commitment to the role of the Attorney General, Mr. Barr’s actions in office have failed in precisely the role that he described with eloquence when nominated. That failure has jeopardized the confidence that the public can reasonably have in the DOJ as the place “where the rule of law, not politics, holds sway.” His actions during his brief tenure in office have demonstrated to us that, contrary to the responsibilities of his office, he appears to view his primary obligation as loyalty to the President individually rather than to the nation. In serving the President, he has been willing to take or countenance actions that are contrary to the professional standards of the DOJ, his oath of office and his own obligations as an attorney. *

Our concern has been brought to a head by Mr. Barr’s failure to recuse himself from the DOJ’s review—itself of uncertain propriety—of the ongoing “whistleblower” complaint with respect to the President’s efforts during his July 25, 2019 telephone call to request the Republic of Ukraine to investigate Mr. Trump’s allegations of Ukrainian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections and former Vice-President Biden and his son (the “Ukraine Matter”). As White House records made clear[4], the President told his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, that Mr. Barr “would be in touch with him” to follow up on the President’s requests. The whistleblower found this telephone call to be of “urgent concern” because of the President’s apparent intermingling of U.S. foreign policy interests with his personal political interests in apparent violation of U.S. law.[5]

IMO – Barr should resign – awaiting imprisonment.

Barr – like Pence – has also been out at Notre Dame suggesting that secularism is dangerous
to the nation and freedom of religion. Next stop – atheists are terrorists?

We likely have an entire government filled with loyalists to Trump –