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NYC Greets Trump: "Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!"


NYC Greets Trump: "Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up!"

- Common Dreams staff

Shame on You! Shame on You!

People protest Donald Trump outside Cipriani on 42nd Street


We can all relax now. This tax INCREASE plus loss of a free internet will kill us (mentally and emotionally and economically) in the worker classes very soon without the ability to change things. So…no more stress! Just sit back and wait for the endgame. We are the sheep. Seems we can’t find enough wolf in us to show teeth.


“The poor will have to eat the rich.”

The poor will have nothing TO eat but the rich, the cake having petered out nearly 230 years ago.


Do unto trump as trump would do unto Hillary.


Hey New Yorkers! Why don’t you start the total, rolling, non cooperation revolt then all the other major cities can join? No school, no work, rent strikes, bills don’t get payed but redirected to these monsters in government for payment due, sit in strikes in your apartment, withdraw your money from ALL commercial banks, don’t ride the subways, buses, coordinate with rural supporters to bring in food for you, occupy the streets, hall of the powerful to cut them down to size, the court rooms, the jails. Marches, protests have their place but we need to remember that they would not be occurring if they were really effective–the corporate greedy folks allow them so you dissipate energy. Why Naomi Klein said that NO is not enough!


Trump says “the economy is booming” (for the 1%). We must bet our lives in the Wall Street Casino if we can. If not, we will be killed.

Direct Democracy


FYI- During Carter interest rates were 10%, taxes up to 70%, inflation 8%, stock market stuck at 1000 for 20 years. Reagan cut taxes, economy grew! Liberals want to go back to Carter era, or cut taxes? We have $5 trillion dollars overseas from corporations, because we have the highest tax rates for corporations in the world!


A maximum wage? Who is on this site, sit at home communists?


Oh, boy. This should be good.

Welcome to Commondreams, asshole.

You can’t conceive of another possibility besides the one we have now and what we had in the '70s?


You are a fucking troll. Be gone…


So what if we are, what’s it to you dickhead? What are you, one of those assholes that bilks granny of her life savings?


Apparently you are unaware of the geopolitical events that led to and actually caused the inflation of the late 1970s, the high interest rates that resulted from it (as high as 17%), and the nature of the “Volcker recession” that followed. Real GDP fell only in 1974 and 1975, and slightly in 1980.

There is very little evidence that cutting taxes on big business and its owners acts as a significant economic stimulus in most cases. The statutory tax rates on corporations are not the real rates, as they are subject to many exceptions. Each year a good many large corporations pay a minuscule amount in income tax or none at all. Overall, taxes on the income of US corporations are in line with those in other developed countries, whining aside. If it were that bad, why would ANY of them continue to keep their corporate addresses here?

You seem to have drunk the Free-Market Kool Aid, perhaps as the result of taking a couple of courses in economics, in which the first five chapters are indeed the Kool Aid.


So you like us that everything revolves around Wall Street and the corporations stocks that maybe we the people have a few shackles in it but big time investors and buy back of stocks and foreign investors are drives up the shares of corporations. They have trillions stashed overseas and you think that is a good thing? You think that when they get a tax cut and they buy back their stocks that is a good thing? It really should not be a driver in a real economy that works for everyone.

Get out of your tunnel vision faux news.


Carter wasn’t/isn’t a useful pawn idiot for the rich and that’s why Conservatives still despise him.


Actually they were as high as 22% above Prime my company paid for a line of credit with a fricking bank. But then my Vietnam vet husband got us a 5% mortgage and now we cannot even give them decent healthcare or a home or education. Sorry I am still going off on Robert idiot troll Brooks rant. Trolls are getting more common on liberal sites or see more as of late.


Eggsactly juju, and passing out the hefty tax break to stockholders.


And just like the Jim Jones kool aid, it kills.


Joined 48 minutes ago…


AKA the US Fourth Reich.


My GAWD! And the dis-information just keeps on comin’…


"Trolls are getting more common on liberal sites or see more as of late."
Paid for by the DNC or just naturally brain dead, do you guess?