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NYPD Chief Bill Bratton Out, But 'Broken Windows' Continues


NYPD Chief Bill Bratton Out, But 'Broken Windows' Continues

Democracy Now!

Amid City Hall Protests, NYPD Chief Bill Bratton Resigns, But "Broken Windows" Continues Nationwide


Nothing new here.
Windows has been broken since Version 3.1 and has only gone downhill since then.

“Imagine a World without Windows and Gates”


Bratton’s much-imitated “broken windows” strategy is the bleeding edge of the neo-liberal mission to relegate surplus humans to criminal status. Sometimes this strategy is dressed up as “community policing” to pretend the police are there to protect and to serve, but its real function and purpose is state terrorism directed against the dispossessed. It’s a huge component of the predominant police attitude that it’s okay to murder people. (Predominant in the sense that no police organization has ever sought to distance themselves from the murderers among them, so far as I know.)

Purportedly liberal mayors and elected officials have led the promotion of “broken windows” savagery. Look for Bratton to attain a prestigious post in the Clinton administration, should she be elected.


Broken Windows.

Chalk this up as another Wrong That Will Now Not Be Righted, by the theft of our Rightful Candidate.