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NYPD Must #FirePantaleo Now, Eric Garner's Family Says After DOJ Announces It Will Not Prosecute Officer Accused of Using Chokehold

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/16/nypd-must-firepantaleo-now-eric-garners-family-says-after-doj-announces-it-will-not

More proof that if you are an African American in America, you cannot expect to go before the unjust expecting justice.

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Retrain, disarm, and change the recruiting process.The Garner case is an example of the police problem of not only the racial judgement problem, but also their GANG mentality.

And if they want to ban semiautomatic guns, the police forces must disarm at the same time.
Let’s see how that goes over.

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These reviews always take years before the prosecution decides they will not press charges. This is very deliberate as the public tends to forget about these incidents as the next “murder by cop” dominates the headlines.

The Department of justice by design is intended to protect its own from charges of corruption and malfeasance rather then protect the Public. Just as with the Epstein case (Note it was recently announced that a female teacher sentenced to 40 years in prison for what Epstein got away with) , Justice only serves the 1 percent and those that protect the 1 percent.

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From the article:

“…U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York warned that it would be difficult to prove that Garner’s rights had been violated.”

So how difficult would it have been to prove that Pantaleo volated HIS OWN DEPARTMENT’S REGULATIONS by using an illegal chokehold??? How the hell does he still have a six-figure-salary job and a gun???


Pantaleo needs to be made to walk in fear for his life if he will not be given justice by the law, then it must come from The People directly. That one dark evening someone(s) who know who he is will deliberately target him for the same treatment he gave Eric Garner and leave his body in an alley with a note attached that says, “Oops, he can’t breathe!”


Is there a karma doctor in the house?