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NYPD Sued for 'Gratuitous and Unlawful' Sound Cannons at Eric Garner Protests



Welcome to the enhanced militarized police state - its not fascism when we do it......


The LRAD is only one of a wide array of high tech crowd control weapons being deployed by police and military forces. As they spread, and their design and use grows more sophisticated, it will grow toward impossible to hold any independent street protest, or popular uprising, or insurgency of any kind. Once centralized under the rapidly developing global cybernetic network...

Most people simply have no idea what is being designed and operationalized. And the new classes of high tech crowd control weapons are just one droplet of the mighty wave of high tech systems and devices already out or in the pipeline, which enable monitoring and control over persons and groups.

At the level of social discourse in this masterfully degraded Western culture in disintegration, we cannot even begin to have a useful discussion about risks and detriments of this rising and accelerating wave of sophisticated technology. Let alone, imagine that we might structure society, politics and technology under popular democracy, so that we determine when to apply the brakes to development or deployment of technologies, or pause for assessment of impacts, or restrain based on humanistic or ecological imperatives.

We are accelerating - hyperbolically, exponentially, with the rate of acceleration also accelerating - and we cannot usefully discuss what it is we are accelerating toward.


Best of luck with the lawsuit. We MUST hold the jackals accountable for their illegal, Fascist actions! FTP


Of course it is FASCISM! FTP


Unfortunately, damage to the auditory nerve is a hidden injury that may not be taken seriously. While the operators of these weapons may observe people writhing in pain, they can easily become completely oblivious to or dismissive of the auditory wounds they cause. Whether better "awareness" training would make any difference, I doubt that.

Before we switch over to using deaf activists for demonstrations, even deaf people can be hurt by such loud noises. Earplugs might help.


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All very important points, thanks.

Auditory damage is cumulative, and many mistakenly assume that the pain and/or "ringing" always goes away; even if it does diminish, it is an indicator of the damage having been done, and ringing and/or loss may manifest months or years later.

The fact is these weapons cause real physical damage, and their users are committing physical assault for which they should be prosecuted. Same applies for for "flash-bang" devices. And nobody should go into a protest these days without hearing protection. Hand out earplugs, people; they're cheap!

On a technical point - loudspeakers, megaphones and piezoelectric are all types of transducers with integrated diaphragms, and do not themselves amplify - they transduce audio signals from amplifiers into sound. Some are more dangerous than others; it's just a matter of power and directivity.


The thugs are their scumbag engineers are also developing high-frequency energy weapons.


jorogo wrte (to RosemW):

'...On a technical point - loudspeakers, megaphones and piezoelectric are all types of transducers with integrated diaphragms, and do not themselves amplify - they transduce audio signals from amplifiers into sound....'

A megaphone (which, of course, equals a trillion microphones) simply improves the acoustic coupling between the mouth and the air. It's a passive device; no batteries or line cord needed.


I wish I could find something to contradict, but you are correct on all points. 1984 is almost here- a bit late, I guess, but loudly stepping forth; and so many think that a jackass, Trump, a sleaze, Cruz, and a preening martinet, Rubio will "save" America. Even the Corporate puppet Hillary Rodham Clinton smells like jasmine in comparison.


Ears don't heal.


True that. Bullhorns are often incorrectly called (electronic) megaphones. Point is, not just peizos can cause hearing damage; they're just lighter and cheaper, making larger arrays easy for higher output levels.


Right. A point that must be made when prosecuting the police for physical assault.


The NYPD is in the wrong here: these sound cannons are meant to disrupt riots, not protests.


These sound cannons are CLAIMED to be only for extreme cases of mass crowd violence.

But in reality, like all tools, these sound cannons (and ALL the high-tech tools now being developed and deployed) will be used to enforce the rule of the rulers.


I wondered if anyone would mention the "Pain Ray". Its operation almost instantly brings the subcutaneous moisture and the moisture in the eyes to a near boil, causing excruciating pain. The theory is to cause instant dispersal, but if you do that in a crowd scene of several thousand protesters, for instance, there is no way for them to disperse out of range of the ray. The result is almost the same as being boiled alive. Any animals in the crowd would have no idea of anything but pain.
* A few years ago, when these things were being developed and tested, at some law conference on new weaponry, a number of law enforcement agencies said they would order them when available.
* To the argument that the rules for usage had not been developed, one of them said, "You just give us the ray. We'll know when and where to use it."


The Israeli army has tested sound cannons in recent years on the Palestinian protesters in the West Bank, in villages like Bilin and Nilin where people demonstrate against the colonisation of their lands every Friday for years now. I guess they would not (yet) use the stink water cannon.


"Sued?!" Causing permanent physical damage to people exercising their First-Amendment rights is a CRIME! Someone needs to go to prison over this!