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NYT Acknowledges Coup in Bolivia—While Shirking Blame for Its Supporting Role

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/08/nyt-acknowledges-coup-bolivia-while-shirking-blame-its-supporting-role

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The New York Times does this all the time. They report something as fact and once their given agenda accomplished , they issue mea culpas apologizing for having gotten it wrong.

The did this with the latest Russia paying bounties crop. They did this to get that war going on Iraq. They did this on Libya and the Honduras. They did this with Syria.

These are not “mistakes”. These are rather very calculated and coordinated disinformation campaigns on behalf of the deep state and the 1 percent.


NACLA- North American Congress on Latin America - covers major stories ignored by main stream press as well as sponsoring and collaborating on seminars in NYC. A valuable resource for information, documentation and analysis. One example:
June 26- Trump Bets on Closer Ties with Bolivia

The NYT comes in disposable, digital, and anal


NYT is nothing more than an official government propaganda organ.


‘The fatal flaws in the report the OAS used to subvert a member government, long obvious, are now undeniable even to the New York Times. But the paper still hasn’t acknowledged, let alone apologized for, the credulous reporting that gave it a leading role in bringing down an elected president and the violence that followed.’

Why would the Times acknowledge or apologize for something it did on purpose? It was not an accident or error that they reported the coup as a democratic uprising at the time (other, actual, reporting told us what was happening in real time)…it was by design, engineered to fool its readers. We must move past the shock that the Times would seek to manipulate us with lies. Until we call out their abuses (and those of all corporate media) we will continue to sit impotent, stuck in the emotional reactions their reporting is meant to provoke, unable to act rationally as all of our rights are taken away…right where the likes of the Times want us.


It important to keep this in mind. When these types of fake storiespublished, it generally multiple news organizations doing it at the same time. If it was only the NYT one could conclude it sloppy journalism.

That is not what happens though. Multiple papers and media organizations write the same story. This means each of them had information leaked to them in turn and it suggests it a coordinated effort where they collude with one another and the agencies releasing these fabrication. Added on top of this , the process has been repeated many times over in the past with multiple news agencies all getting it wrong at the same time and making the same so called “errors”.

This demonstrates that they all act as an agency to spread propaganda. Project Mockingbird never ended.

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Yes, a psy-op. Since Snowden, I recognize these with regularity.