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NYT Contributor Has Multiple Motives for Denying Drone Crimes


NYT Contributor Has Multiple Motives for Denying Drone Crimes

Jim Naureckas

Retired Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of both the NSA and CIA, began his New York Times op-ed (2/21/16) with 24 paragraphs of dialogue illustrating how carefully the US government chooses drone targets so as not to put the innocent at risk:

The decision maker asks if there are civilians nearby.


My "country" proclaims me to be an enemy to 6.81 billion people.


Michael Hayden should be tried for his role in crimes against humanity.


Those who participated in, planned, and executed wars of Aggression starting with Iraq are in no position to speak the Truth.

The revolving door is always abhorrent, but perhaps nowhere more tragic than its joining of military operations with actual arms dealers and developers. Hayden is but ONE example of how this diabolical pipeline operates.

These people LIE and term it "Intelligence."

Those who do harm then turn around and condemn those who call out their actions. It takes severe moral cowardice to turn Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and others into "enemies of state" for performing a moral duty and demonstrating human decency. Meanwhile, those who kill for hire continue to kill on, and then they deceive the public about their true acts and operations.


" These people LIE and term
it intelligence."

That has been the modus operandi of the Fourth Reich for far too long.

" Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they ( the American people ) will believe it." Adolf Hitler

" In its claims, Washington surpasses that of the Third Reich." Paul Craig Roberts


Yet the term--and premise of Intelligence suggests something profound in the way of added insight.

This term has been degraded to join the growing list: Feminist, Progressive, Liberal, Humanitarian Intervention.... etc.


Very true.


That the State has to lie and advance fictions as truth and as "intelligence" should lay to rest the notion that the public supports US Foreign Policy in every way shape and form.