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NYT Declares Snowden a Thief–and Journalism a Crime


NYT Declares Snowden a Thief–and Journalism a Crime

Jim Naureckas

On the home page today of the New York Times, the lead story (10/5/16) bears the headline: “Contractor for NSA Charged in Possible New Theft of Secrets.” Describing the arrest of Harold T. Martin III, a contractor for the National Security Agency accused of taking classified documents, the home page teaser reports, “The arrest raises the embarrassing prospect that for the second time in three years, a contractor managed to steal secrets.”


The NYT is complicit in stealing our democracy, an example of the grandest larceny possible compared to Snowden's petty theft.


The newspaper of broken record.

Little wonder that people have moved from reading newspapers. It doesn't work.


Very much needed analysis. Good article. But in addition, NY Times is also showing incompetence. As in the digital world when you make a digital copy of a digital document is not equal to stealing (assuming we are talking about stealing). That is also the interpretation of the Supreme Court. As stealing means you deprive the other of an object. Copying is not the same.

In the case of Snowden, the information he handled...was already public information and public property. What he did was provide access to it - which was forbitten by policy. Thereby providing access to publicly owned information is far far far very far away from "stealing documents."


I am constantly amazed by my friends who still consider NYT as the ultimate authority on what's right and true. Hasn't been so, if it ever was, for a very long time.


The New York Times: all the news that fits our agenda! The Times is a dinosaur of the oligarch's and has been nothing but a cheer leader for wars and a gate keeper for 9/11. But it does make a good fish wrapper!