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NYT Erases US Economic War Against Venezuela

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/20/nyt-erases-us-economic-war-against-venezuela

Those observations about the NYT and the situation in Venezuela are spot on. Sadly, the situation in a number of other countries of interest to the USA is equally dire, and likewise a direct result of US foreign policy. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Libya come to mind. In every case, the NYT fails to draw the link between US foreign policy and the horrendous local conditions.
I guess it would help if the Lies My Teacher Told Me or similar book was part of the US teaching curriculum. Meanwhile, just consider parts of the NYT as a conduit for the state’s propaganda machine, a paper that is just as reliable as the famous Pravda (“Truth”) paper was under the Soviet Communist Party.


Meanwhile the USA has suffered the the highest deaths to COVID in the world , deaths per million even higher then sanctioned Venezuela and these writers for the times need to throw out that “Socialism fails” canard.

The US is the richest Country in the world. The US is not facing sanctions and forbidden to trade on international markets. The USA has 1000 deaths per million due to COVID while sanctioned Venezuela has 35.

Which is the failed State?


I’m guessing the NYT also omitted President Carter’s comments on Venezuela’s election.

“As a matter of fact, of the 92 elections we’ve monitored, I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world.”



The opposition boycotted the election under US direction. Now they come back and say the results are not fair.

The reality is this. The masses of the poor support Maduro. Unless they are not allowed to vote the rich peoples that support the opposition will not win. The fact that Venezuela is not run by rich white people seems to be what really bothers the NYT because they know as well as you and I the election was run fairly.

There no excuse here for their seeming “ignorance” on this matter. Carter and many others have monitored those elections to a degree no other nation State has been monitored so when the NYT writes such articles they are deliberately lying.


The difference between Pravda and the NYT is that the peoples of the old USSR were able to read between the lines and garner the truth from that propaganda.

This seems to be impossible for far too many peoples in the USA.

This is a direct consequence of being spoon fed from birth “You are the greatest people in the world ever and the USA is the greatest fairest and freest country that ever existed”


Per article, “None of this has made Venezuela more democratic, nor has it brought the country closer to solving its political problems. Instead, the situation is far worse”.

The U.S. does not go to war against other countries, militarily, by sanctions, or otherwise, in order to benefit that country: Our “leaders” are not that stupid (For our leaders, stupidity is an oft used good scapegoat: Its much better to be thought of as stupid than as a war criminal. Example, Iraq)

The U.S. attacks in the perceived best interests of the ruling elites here. With Venezuela, it’s working out just O.K so far: It sure makes a bad but nevertheless effective (for many) argument against socialism, and in these times, the effective part is a huge plus for them (not so much for the rest of us)…

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Nice article and more evidence of the MSM fake news. I don’t subscribe anymore to the NYT’s precisely because of their biased coverage and support for U.S. military coups to overthrow democratic governments. The NYT also is an excellent example of how newspapers manipulate the narrative to misinform the public. I cannot in good conscience consider such a paper to be a serious publication because of these massive shortcomings.


I’m not sure that the average Soviet was better at reading between the lines than the average US citizen, but they sure were (and still are) a lot more cynical! That said, the US marketing machine encompassing the educational system, Hollywood (ever notice how every server or secretary featured in a soap lives in a million dollar apartment?), the news media and so forth has convinced most of the population that we live in an exceptional country and that there is therefore no incentive to read between the lines, or even follow the news. In most authorities countries, the citizens tend to focus on the paragraphs of a news article about three-fourths through, that is where the interesting stuff is hidden.
The root problem in the USA is probably that most just couldn’t care less, they would rather be shopping (to quote George Carlin).


Having had the dubious privilege of reading weekly Pravda reports for nearly 2 years (and watching Tass broadcasts), the NYT is worse than Pravda.


The empire’s enablers keystrike back

But shouldn’t the beginning of the last paragraph read

“None of this is to excuse any failings Maduro and his government are responsible for” … ?

The US gummint and its corpress complicitors “accuse” official enemies of many sins. They may have some or even a good deal of truth to them, but many of them are outright lies.

It’s folly to have faith in any government, but it’s imperative to determine which of its faults are factual, and which are fabricated by its foes.

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