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NYT Erases US Occupation's Role in Prolonging Taliban Insurgency

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/13/nyt-erases-us-occupations-role-prolonging-taliban-insurgency


Mr. Cho. Afghanistan has been called the graveyard of empires, going back to Alexander the Great, and through the British in 1838-42, 1878-80 and May - August in1919. The remaining question is when will we leave? How many officers will obtain battle stripes, how many military contracts? What is the justification for staying there?


Recall the American Taliban Party (also known as the GOP) launching the 2001 Afghanistan invasion to help their sister party accelerate open ended global occupations and wars to enhance and perpetuate military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) revenues.

Too many US dimcritter party members were complicit in the launch.


Good article. The NYT takes every pro war and pro wall street stance it can.


The U.S. never wanted Bin Laden alive to face a trial. He had nothing to do with 911 and we knew it. The false flag might have been exposed and the MIC/CIA/Mossad cabal could have been outed as the true culprits. Eternal wars were and are the goal.Cui bono ? Certainly not the American public.



$1 Trillion Trove of Rare Minerals Revealed Under Afghanistan

And wait there’s more:
USGS PROJECTS IN AFGHANISTAN - ~https://afghanistan.cr.usgs.gov/minerals

Afghanistan’s Mineral Resources Are a Lost Opportunity and a Threat

Without a coherent strategy, Afghanistan’s vast mineral resources represent both a lost opportunity and a threat to national security.

Breitbart: Afghanistan Will Not Award Mining Contracts to U.S.-Backed Companies Despite China Deal


Eternal bogus enemies; for eternal wars; for eternal war profits. If the war mongers and the MIC had no enemies they would have to invent them…AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY DO!