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NYT Hopes India Can Avoid China's Plight: a High-Paid, Well-Educated Workforce


NYT Hopes India Can Avoid China's Plight: a High-Paid, Well-Educated Workforce

Jim Naureckas

A front-page lead New York Times story, headlined "As Rivals Falter, India's Economy Is Surging Ahead" (2/17/15), is mainly valuable for the insight it provides into what the Times considers to be a healthy economy–and who that economy is supposed to benefit.


Glowing news about India’s “rising” economy (along with similar lies about recovery inside the U.S.–a fiction propped up through the Financial Markets which traffic mostly in dark alchemy: expanding $, itself, out of nothing in the way of actually earned goods or services) is likely being promulgated to serve as backdrop to Obama’s plans to get India to implement nuclear power.

It’s tough to imagine a more stupid, lethal, and costly–to all but those on the immediate receiving end of this “energy operation”–project given the raging vicissitudes of climate change, the likelihood of monsoons and even tsunamis. As if manmade plants with profit as their guiding engineering compass can stand up to these climate change events.

What is being “done unto the least of these” by elite powers is nothing short of ecocide and mass murder in slow motion. Premeditated, too, all the way.


Alice asked

“So … you raise living standards by making sure they don’t go up”?

To which the March Hare replied

“Spot on, my dear!”


The NYT seems to be happiest when people are being treated as no more than animals. They do not sympathasize whatsoever wtih the beasts of burdon powering the economy. Animal rightist might observe that ultimately we are all mammels/animals. That is how a lack of empathy works. How we treat pigs is just how they would like to treat humans, if the big money had their way.

One of their evils that causing trouble, I noted, was “China’s investigations of multinationals”. Oh how tragic to impede the right of big money to do just as it pleases!